Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't cry for me, all you Tarutarus!

I've decided, even with paragraphs, just straight text is difficult to read, especially if it's a long post. So I'll try to intersperse pictures as best as I can.

I continue to die as a Beastmaster. Partly it's because I'm watching TV and not concentrating on possible links. Secondly I think I'm overhunting. I tried to charm T to fight T and it uncharms midway through the fight. That equals a dead tarutaru. So I spent much of the day eating dirt (see below). Leveled up to 19 though, one more then I can choco from a crag and do some OP. It's supposed to get better after Leave at 35. We'll see.

Today we took on Titan Prime. This time our set up was RDM/NIN, BLM/WHM, and myself. We took him down on Windsday. No deaths this time. Easy-squeezy. So now I need to do Ifrit to get all my whispers. Then I have to figure out how to beat Fenrir and who I can beg for help.

I finally tried scooping today. Did not participate last year as I was too busy leveling WHM. The first 5 - 8 scoops I tried I was the saddest little tarutaru. Either my scoop ripped or I lost my catch. Luckily I became more succesful and was actually able to catch some lionheads. So I'm closer to getting that goldfish bowl set so I can craft my own goldfishbowl. I think I have to level some of my crafts on Verrick to be able to do that though. Oh well. Here's my haul for the day. As Strawberrie had mentioned, tarutaru are cute when they scoop. Haven't seen the other races.


Paul said...

Aw look at the cute wittle fishies... uh... nice Monster Signa there buddy!

Did you camp that Yagudo? I tried a couple of times and just gave it up as a waste of time.

Anyway, good job with the scooping, and yes the Tarus do look very cute doing this activity.

Jowah said...

This event is soo nice!
Haven't tried to catch fishes yet, and don't know how getting a yukata ._.
I want to scoop too! :D
*me will try that this night*

Taritai said...

; ; I've never done this fishing thing and I don't know what to do!

>< And how dare you not pay attention when playing as BST...that is like unspoken rule #!


Darrett said...

Hehe thanks. No, I didn't camp him. It's always too crowded and I hate camping NM. So basically I sold lots of things to buy my signa (including the other yagudo NM). I actually have a lot of CHR gear from my BRD.

As for Yukatas, I think they're going to be the prize from this year's Azimuth Circle II.

I'll start paying better attention and stop overhunting things. I reached 20 on BST ^^.

Guankim said...

To answer Jowah -- Yukata's done by the Azimuth Circle NPC Moogles at the cities. You run around level restricted to 1 and go through La Thiene, Konschtat (sp), or Tahrongi, and find checkpoints. When both have first Yukata, you can do it again for the +1 version, using distance instead of direction. Supposedly there's something for doing in all 3 cities, but I have only done Sandy at this point, too much a bum to take the flights. (And I blame Verrick for keeping me in PT's ^_~)