Thursday, January 18, 2007

Banisher of Emptiness: CoP Completed

After the momentous CoP battles, I went to finish the Cutscenes to complete CoP and achieve my title of Banisher of Emptiness. All I can say is that I really enjoyed the ending cutscenes and in particular the last Cutscene. CoP has been much more rewarding than the Zilart Missions and the storyline is very intriguing. I feel much more accomplishment of finishing this set than ZM. And I finally have my precious Tamas ring. I wish I'd remember to take pictures during the battles themselves, but I'm always so keyed up that I forget to and only take them during the CS. So without further ado, all the picutures I have been promising.

These are from the CS after we defeated Promathia. The first form of Promathia was easy to kill. The 2nd gave us nightmares. The first time we fought him he got an AoE silence on all of us that is unremovable by Echo drops. Everyone died and soon I was alone as RR had been dispelled. As a BRD/WHM it was me, Prishe, and the boy (I can never remember his name). I tried to heal Prishe as best I could and she took Promathia down from 40% to 24%. Eventually we died. The 2nd try I decided to go in as a WHM instead of BRD (I don't think I landed elegy, managed a threnody or 2). So we went in with PLD/WAR (changed from NIN), DRK/NIN, BLM/WHM, WHM/SMN, WHM/SMN, and THF/WAR. Our goal was to keep Prishe alive, that girl is a machine! Battle went much better. I think everyone died at least once (except for me). I was kept busy running around after the THF and DRK while they were kiting. Unfortunately they managed to kite out of my healing range when my spell would have gone off. The DRK/NIN managed to stun Promathia quite a bit. Promathia was at 1% of life when the DRK managed to get 300%TP. He went in for the kill while I was trying to heal him...and Promathia flattened him before my cure got off. The BLM was able to reraise at this point and finish him off with a Tier III spell. And we got to see the very nice CS at this point and pat ourselves on the back:

Here is my precious Tamas ring!

The final CS completes the storyline. We get to find out what happens to Prishe and all our other friends that we have made during this long and strange journey. FFXI has some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Here is Sarn applauding Verrick's accomplishment. Notice his Tanner's gloves.


I just want to say a huge thank you to Erecia for putting together For Glory: Erecia's Guide to All Things Chains of Promathia which was an invaluable resource for everything. Some things are easier than what he made it sound like, but they had to do numerous battles just to figure all this stuff out. One other word of caution, no matter how much you prepare and think you know what is going on, nothing can prepare you for the actual battle ahead. Good luck everyone and I'll see you in {Al'Tiaeu}.


JOWAH said...

Your screenshots seems nice and intriguing, I cant wait to proceed too @__@
I also agree about Erecia and her guide, it's awesome and well written.
And now have fun there :3

Darrett said...

Thanks Jowah. I never thought I'd get to sea, let alone completing CoP. It's frustrating as hell, tough to prepare for, and if you wipe many times on one battle it can get disheartening. But the storyline is really amazing and the CSs are worth it. I feel much more accomplished finishing CoP than getting Sky.

I'm pretty sure Erecia is a manthra...hehehe. Good luck on your own journey, keep us updated.

Eckardt said...

Congrats! :D

Now I just have to see if I can duplicate your success... eventually... maybe...

Can I ask for your help sometime? LOL!

Darrett said...

Of course you can ask for my help. Just have to know in advance if I have to farm stuff up like CCB polymers...evil things. The best thing for CoP is to get a static and plan times. Life is so much easier when you can depend on a group of people rather than shouting for a particular mission ^^

Guankim said...

Yep yep. Congrats muchly :)

Isadora said...

somewhat belated congrats on getting the tamas ring and kicking Promathia's arse out of Vana'diel :3

Erecia said...

"I'm pretty sure Erecia is a manthra...hehehe."

It's true <_<

Congratulations on the win!