Thursday, February 15, 2007

Items Galore!

One day Aznmahavalio asked Arizod and myself if we wanted to do a BCNM20 with him using his Pirate chart. So we agreed. I went as SMN, Ari as PLD, and Azn as a SMN. Basically when he pulls up 3 NM, Ari aggros, vokes, and Invincibles. Then Azn and I both Judgement Bolt and dead NMs. When he opened up the chest we found:

This kris is going for about 9 million on Garuda now. Azn was extremely lucky!

Arizod and I did a failed attempt at completing ZM. It was right after I helped a DRK friend of Arizod's and Gheldhart's get through the Tenzen fight. We took Arizod (WAR), myself (BRD), the Arnagamon (DRK), Deathseeker (DRK), Arton (PLD) and Charmedangel (WHM). Now first of all if people don't know where they are going don't run off and pretend that you do. We got lead to Kirin's pop instead. So I manage to find the way to the BCNM area with Charmedangel in tow. I had been told to come as BRD. We decide to do a dry run. I tried to sleep the orbitals but Lullaby wears of fairly quickly. We did manage to get the boy to 4% which was nice, all without major food or 2 HRs. So I ask if someone can help me pull one of the orbitals away from the main boss so I can sleep them but no one helps. So I have to run in and pull them with elegy one at a time and get hit by a lot of AoE. Arizod was unable to target the exoskeletons for the majority of the fight. The WHM is a complete idiot and only cures the PLD. So I'm left in red HP trying to alternate sleeping orbitals and shadows without receiving any support. So I die. And I say thanks for the cures and the WHM condenscendingly says that other people need healing. I'm super pissed right now. I received not a single cure in either battle. Then the DRK says, you died from the orbitals. No crap sherlock, it's a little hard to sleep them when I have less than 100 HP. The WHM wanted to try again and she brilliantly comes up with the idea that she'll cast Dia to pull an orbital. What a complete idiot! I would never party with either that DRK or WHM again.

The day after I send a tell to Arton to thank him for his kind words. He had told me he wasn't sure why the WHM or the other DRK were getting in with me as he saw that I had kept them off as long as I could. That resulted in him asking me if I could join him in an exp party as a BRD. No pulling and I could sub WHM. Which is nice for me since I have lag in the Thickets for some reason. So I go and we make about chain #10-15 at a nice pace and I had a good time. People left and people replaced and then all of a sudden we had the thickets to ourselves (the other party had left). A WAR changed to RDM and I changed to BRD/NIN and pulled with the RDM helping me to sleep (my lag causes my macros not to fire very well). We managed to do this:

We lost the chain because 5 sea puks popped on us in rapid succession and we got a little sidetracked trying to sleep them all and the melee got confused on which one they were fighting. But Chain #110 was pretty good, and broke my record of #66 in the Mire. I don't think I could ever get #400, my concentration would just slip.

So I decided to go fishing with Arizod yesterday on Valentine's day. We had a couple of pirate pops but no pirate in Vermy in the middle so no NM. So sad. Gheldart joined us a little later about 2 hours before limbus. I finished fishing up 6 stacks of nebs and we were ready to head to Jeuno. But we decided to take one last boat ride to see if the NM would pop. I got so excited when I saw the glitch (that lets you know when pirates would pop) and then the central pirate had a Vermy! So Silverhook popped. This time I had a NIN/WAR and a SMN/WHM to help me out.

and then:

This thing is so much fun!

Right after we went to Limbus. We decided to do Apollyn NW to finish off a chip set. Limbus was super fun again! We managed without any deaths and just one link on the Wyvern Floor. We skipped the boss on the Wyvern Floor, the mini-Fafnir. We defeated the mini-Genbu. The fifth floor was super fun but hard as hell. Kaiser Behemoth managed to sneak up on us and killed the majority of us (except for me and the RDM). We managed to run around and raise people and one of the BLMs kited Kaiser while everyone got unweakened and healed. The RDM and the 2 BLMs (I was one) tossed on as much DoT as we could. Eventually we managed to kill him in an organized fashion and scored 4-5 Ancient beastcoins a piece. That equals to 8/75 for me for my first earring.

Did Dynamis-Bastok earlier in the day. I swear I died tons of times which sucked but we got the win again, even with a messed up mega boss pull that linked an Effigy Shield and about 3 other links along with the Mega Boss. We had 4 BLM AF drop and a THF AF drop. I was 5th on the bid list for the BLM For my deaths and exp loss I got 1 byne bill. *sigh* But still enjoy Dynamis, but I'm going to go as WHM next time...for RR3.


JOWAH said...

Michael is camping pirates since...more than one month? And still no drop.
Most hilarious thing is that the dagger will be neither for me or him.


Eckardt said...

Woo! Chain > 100 nice. I have yet to see one over 15 LOL! ><

Slowly creeping up the COP ladder... I'll see you in Limbus maybe in a month or so :)

Isadora said...

congratulations on getting the mecurial kris, seawolf cudgel and stuff done in limbus ^^

pity about the last ZM fight ;; i remember i won it by sheer luck, and also a gutsy whm (khaguremetal, i think), who did not hesitate to use benediction when needed.

hrm. the most chains i've ever got was..alas, chain 40something :P its been at least 3 months now since i last joined a merit pt!

for limbus runs, if you win the area in teams of 8-12 people, the usual coin reward is about 4-7 coins per person, unless everyone somehow donates (or more likely, sell) their share to you.

hrm. been awhile since i last did any runs to limbus too, though i'm not in any hurry to get back in there despite 0/5 on NIN restored AF pieces. main objectives there had already been achieved - i.e. beating proto-ultima, proto-omega & getting brutal earring + boxer's mantle.

as a final side note: many times i have wished that behemoth dominion (pop area for HNM behemoth/king behemoth) and/or the BCNM area in balga's dais were in the same shape as the floor which kaiser behemoth resides in :P