Thursday, November 08, 2007

Returning to the Homeland

Verrick was created on the Garuda Server with his home city in Bastok because I was playing with RL friends from that city. Bastok was a comfortable home for the first few years as I got to know more about Vana'diel. I never felt at home in Windurst whenever I visited. It seemed to so vast and difficult to maneuver through.

All that changed recently. I took the plunge, erased my OP warps, and changed over to my homeland: Windurst! I've become better at navigating through the sprawling city using the warp tarus. And I got the chance to see my nation's unique storyline.

I will say that Windurst missions and their stories were more satisfying than Bastok. Bastok was so clinical and technologic. Windurst has the mystery of magic and faith. It just seemed grander and more fitting to a taru. Eckardt and I plowed through from Windurst Rank 1 to Windurst Rank 5 in one night. We managed to snag some help for the 5-1 and 5-2 fights. We managed to pick up Pikko (yay, Alla administrator), Demesis, and Kavita along the way. Once you start doing the missions you really want to know what happens next in the storyline and this took us on long night missions. You can see we got a little loopy sometimes. Here is the first of some Eckardt and Pikko posts I'll have over the next few posts.

You've gotta love the tarus that beseech you for help. This one taru is completely adorable.

We revisited the Full Moon Fountain for some exciting battles and beautiful CS.

The final battle was epic. Kavita was a WHM (a taru seeking to overthrow the Star Sybil and become the Star Vita), Demesis was a WAR, Eckardt came as a RDM, and I was a BLM. We joined the battle against the cardians. Our first attempt did not go well as we did not realize those cardians aggro'd from such a far distance. I was unable to get a sleepga II off. Our second attempt we were much more prepared and took them down without too much trouble. A NPC joined the fight casting AM. Eckardt took the Wyvern while we picked on the manticore the NPC chose. Unfortunately, Demesis voked the manticore away from the NPC, but the NPC decided to teleport straight into the maw of the Wyvern who promptly killed him before Vita could get a bead on his location.

So we tried a third time which went extremely well. Eckardt died while kiting the Wyvern but we were able to triumph! I lost the Rank 10 animation in the Cutscene, but I did manage to get the flag!

Next up (after Eckardt comes back from Vacation/Work) is to infiltrate the long-necks and take down the city from within! *cue evil tarutaru laugh*

I'll post more in the upcoming days/hours. But I'd like to leave you with a quote from Demesis when we got to Sea after beating Tenzen.

A-LA-PEANUT-BUTTER-SANDWICHES! Now who remembers who used to say that?


Jowah said...

So happy to see fellow tarus going back to Windurst! ^*^

I have no clue about Sand and Bas missions, but Windurst ones are very lovely, the storyline is catchy and filled with awesome character (AJIDO ♥ ♥ ♥♥)

Worth thing to do, screw OPs! :3

Demesis said...


maiev said...

way to inflate the economy more with 100k gil!

Gratz though, j/k on the inflation xD

Charirii said...

Windurst! My hometown is Sandoria. I never liked Bastok. Not even for visiting.