Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shadows of an Ultima Dynamis-Windurst in the Path of Darkness


Last week Saturday OceanidsDyna chose to do Dynamis-Windurst. Our regular puller Vlacatocc was unable to make it. Instead Zalia got to pull. They didn't do too badly, but we had several wipes due to uncontrolled linkages. We killed the MB but it died in the last 30 secs so we didn't get the official win. This time with Vlacatocc pulling we managed to kill the MB with 30 minutes to spare and farm afterwards. No BLM or RDM. In my time with the shell no RDM AF has dropped (I can only attend Sats though). Meanwhile Hypnotizd (from my LS AlwaysFUNE) managed to get a cleric's briault (I've been lusting after this one for a while) in his Dyna :-(

Storms of Fate

After finally kicking the little twerp's face in ZM17 I heard about a possible Storms of Fate run. However, I was in an xp party at the time and couldn't go. Much to my delight it got postponed until Saturday. Right after Dynamis I got a tell asking if I wanted to go on a run. It took a while to get set up and I managed to see a lot of familiar faces from my past. Ultimatechidori and Sesshi (from LoHHNM/Valour), Kiobi (from GYS), Guivond (from RuinousOmen) were there and I got Ashur (AlwaysFUNE) and Zarovich (Imperial) invited too. I died to a cluster (wasn't paying attention when casting) but finally made it to the area. Once there we buffed up and hit it as hard and fast as we could. There were several deaths in a heart pounding battle, but we managed to win! Now I have to climb the promies and then I can FINALLY do AN!


RuinousOmen finally finished up another Ultima set. This time around we had several new people from the crew that used to come. We missed Eldercid, Toxicity, Loren, and Dubajaba. The battle was intense and long. Several dissipitations went off which threw a kink into things. Our PLD/NINs died quite fast leaving Arizod and Vashstarwin (WARs) tanking for a bit. Nice to see WARs who were not afraid of vokes. Citadel Buster was irritating. It took a long time to wear him down (we need to hit harder during Citadel Buster and let the guy die instead of running at 30). But we managed to snag the win and the title. Belgarath got the feet and Hovaz got the head. For our three Ultimas we have received 4 Turbans...*sigh* a hand and a foot. Given that Ultima is so much harder than Omega I find it funny that our win percentage on Ultima is 100% and our win percentage on Omega is 87%.


The Imperial ToAU static (Zarovich, Thayos, Kaerwyn, Zephiris, Makina, Kiabrightblade, and myself) managed to get to the Gessho fight. We tried to straight up tank him a few times with Kia but he ended up dying too fast. Luckily you don't lose XP in ToAU battle zones. Our 3rd try we decided to kite kill him ala Kirin. Zarovich charmed/kited Gessho as BST while Thayos enfeeb'd and took care of the clones. Our DRGs (Zephiris and Makina) and PLD (Kia) hit him when they could and Kaer and I healed. It wasn't the most elegant of fights, but we won! Gessho is a pain in the ass.

I'm actually enjoying the CS of ToAU, the story is getting to be interesting too. We have 2 more fights to finish the missions off! Hurrah!

I enjoy being in Imperial, especially since AlwaysFUNE tends to be a little slow at my prime times on the weekdays. On Saturday we did Promy-Mea for Zadine. 3 SMN, 1 PLD, 1 WHM, and 1 MNK raped Mea! I think I'm going to have some fun doing CoP for a third time ^^.

I also have fun and get to chat with Pikko in Imperial. I listened to her radioshow with Exodous today and it was entertaining. I find it funny that I know both Allakhazam admins from Garuda and they're both in the same LS. We were waving to Pikko's little boy who loves her character.


I managed to learn how to make FFXI beautiful by tweaking the background resolution. However, my computer can't run it. When I oversample it, I get 4 frames a second. I wish I knew what I needed to do to keep it like these pics ... I wonder if I have to get a new graphics card.


I found some really nice .dat files to switch up. I really like the Young Griffin armor from the Sandy Past. It's now my "Naked Taru" armor. I also found Nation Moogles! They have a Windy, Sandy, Basty, Jeuno, and ToAU one. I really liked the ToAU version. And I didn't realize, I have a mule (Stal) who is the same model as Pikko! BTW, if you're on Garuda and get a chance to know Pikko ask to see her MH. It's really nice.


Arizod said...

Hey, where are all those updates... its been since Feb 17! start blogging :) I know of at least 3 things worth writing about... and now i had to start my own blog just to tell you to blog.... and i don't even know what i'm doing! btw i'm very jealous of your ToAU victory, i want that damn ring *grumble*.

Kaerwyn said...

Yeah, we have gone through many strange battles, and gotten completions and random drops for people as an LS! Let people hear your cries of victory! Are you ashamed of hanging around with us Imperial folks or something? ;_;