Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally, Freakin' Finally!!!

The picture should say it all ... except it should read 8/12/06 to 9/27/08. Was too excited and rushing to get this posted!


I started Dynamis with LoHDyna, an offshoot of my social shell LordsofHydra. It was rough in the beginning. We had no clue what we were doing and had many, many wipes. But the group got better and stronger. And we kept on going. Pretty soon we were an established shell doing Northlands and some CoP.

Then the shell broke for various reasons. Mainly the LS leader, Lorddocster, running away to Kujata to join ... Demo. Along with the LS bank. And his cronies of Fade (now Byte) and Fallyn. I still have not forgiven him for that piece of idiocy. Nor did he ever seem contrite about it.

So most of the old shell moved to OceanidsDyna, an offshoot of the endgame shell Oceanids. Unfortunately due to my playtime I could only make Saturday runs. For a long time we were in the cities to help new people get the wins. Then we did runs to win the Northlands. Then we killed the Dynamis Lord. And spent a whole ton of time in CoP Dyna. Along the way, the dynamis shell broke away from Oceands to become DynaLounge.

I had frankly despaired of ever getting my full WHM AFv2 (not couting relic belt). I could only make Saturdays and could not drum up the points to stay at the top of the list. I had received only RDM feet and hands for a year of being in the shell. With us doing CoP dyna I was getting more and more discouraged. Especially after Hypnotizd who started doing Dynamis a while after me got his full WHM AFv2, BST AFv2, and most recently BLM AFv2 Hat before me. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

With the new dynamis entrance fees and drop rate we were able to do some more Northlands. In Xarx 2 weeks ago I managed to snag the cleric's mitts that Kavita had outlotted me for way back in LoHDyna. Last week we did the glacier. I was up for RDM Body and RNG feet, but had to pass in order to keep my spot on the WHM list. Needless to say, the briault did not drop. My last chance was this weekend, because after we were going to be doing a lot of Xarx and cities to get new people the win.

Bardon (who also started Dynamis after me, but is able to attend both runs doing the week, and got his full AFv2 a while go) kept on trying to encourage me. He predicted it'd fall this run. Wooooodum (who leads the shell and was an old friend and member of LoHDyna) tried to buck up my spirits. Eckardt (who incidentally has full NIN AFv2 from a while ago) also predicted a drop. I wasn't too convinced, seeing as I had not seen the drop in over 2 years of dynamis (the one time it dropped it went to Acreana since I was unable to make that one run in LoHDyna).

But lo and behold, the damn thing FINALLY, FREAKIN' FINALLY dropped! And as a consolation prize, RNG feet dropped again and I got to lot it. So, after over 2 long years of Dynamis I finally have the coat the inspired me to start it all! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Incidentally ... we managed to snag 18 AF this run and three 100 bills. Damn never had it this good.

RDM - ENEDIN for 15 points
BST - FULLEN free lot
PLD - FULLEN for 15 points
BLM - ACREANA for 15 points
WAR - ELBRYAN free lot
THF - BOI for 15 points
WHM - VERRICK for 15 points
BLU - BOKTAI for 15 points
RNG - VERRICK for 15 points
PUP - VLACATOCC for 15 points
PLD - KIRCE for 15 points
MNK - OLHADO for 15 points
BLU - GUIVOND for 15 points
PLD - ETAF for 15 points
PUP - GUIVOND for 15 points
WAR - ECKARDT free lot
DRK - ETAF free lot
WHM - OLHADO for 15 points


Anonymous said...

Grats mate. So delighted for you to get Briault, in case you couldn't tell frm those /tells I sent you after the drop lol.


Vlacatocc said...

Hehe, congratulations little guy. I was hoping for three things to happen that run: RDM body for Enedin, WHM body for you and PUP body for myself. And as incredible as it may be, all 3 things happened! Somehow I was more happy when the WHM body dropped than when I got my own drop because you've been after it for so long.
The pressure is off now, everything else you can get your hands on with DynaLounge is like a bonus. I hope to have you as my personal healer many more times in the future.


Eckardt said...

Congratu-freakin-lations... or some such :)

I TOLD you it would drop... Some people just have to learn how to listen...


Grats again on your FINALLY completed AFv2, and you can't call me a loot whore in dynamis too now... you got more than one drop in one run :P

Jowah said...

I can really feel your pain, even tough I never had to wait that long (mostly because i started in early 2006 lol) for an item...cept Enlil's crackows maybe.

Now sexy whm tawu is sexy :3
And gratz for the cute RNG suit too! ^^

Katella said...


Hypnotizd said...

Hey Verrick, its hyp. I'm still missing my WHM Hands and BLM Body peices. Only 5/5 on BST:)

Congratulations on your 5/5 WHM Relic Attire!