Saturday, January 24, 2009

Favorite Sigs

Just was waxing nostalgic talking about signature making in my LS Imperium. Haven't done one in a while, but was looking through my old ones and finding the ones that I liked the best. I have trouble making good ones for myself.

I really liked the sig I made for Tonyo. It just seemed to capture the duality of PLD and BLM.

Even though he eventually failed as a LS leader and overall "good guy" Lorddocster was a friend for a long time in FFXI. How he ended is quite sad to me. He asked the LS to update his sig for him. Enedin and I had a little sig making war to see who would win.

Hewison's signature was simple in design, but it looked so peaceful and calm. I was fooling around with layering and opacity and thought it came out really nice. I was almost tempted to erase Hewi's character and replace it with mine!

Dukenukem is a great friend in the game. He recently returned along with Kavita. I found this really nice smoky night picture and thought that it would go well with Fenrir. I was happy I found a pose for his PLD.

This is one I made for Duke and Kavita. Both of them are really nice people. And they have some adorable little girls. This was around the cherry blossom time so I was inspired by FFXI's ingame motifs.

Demesis was one of my favorite people in the game. He was part of my second CoP static. Hypnotizd, myself, and Demesis trio'd our way to most of our Yigit sets. When we were almost done, Demesis abruptly disappeared from the game. I don't know where he is. Never got to say goodbye.

Didn't really know Dalkar all that well. I think he was a transfer from Shiva. I just like this sig a lot. It's monochromatic, but just appeals to me. I've never been able to recreate that background.

This one is one of my favorite ones. Simple and clean. This was right after Boktai got his YY robe finally.

Arizod is my favorite galka in the game. Vlacatocc is a close second. Arizod and Gheldhart may be returning to the game in the near future. I'm excited. Arizod and I used to duo our lower level characters. Now with level sync it will be even easier! Get back in the game, damnitaru!

This is my other NIN sig. I think it turned out rather well. I had to do some quick freezing in Altana view to get the characters. I really like Zetuei's kneeled pose.

For myself, I think I like this sig the best. I was caught up in the magic of CoP and was BRD through a lot of it. I felt a resonance with Ulima! I just like how the colors flow through.

I'll post some more about my recent adventures soon!


vlacatocc said...

Some of these pics bring back memories. Keep up the good work! :)

Tonyo said...

was just killing some time when i found this article, what happy times they were for me then, if only we could recaptuer them, keep well everyone, TONYO