Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Just a short note. I officially relogged in after about an 11 month absence. And lo and behold who do I run into as I zone into Bastok Mines? Zephiris! (on her mule that is). Since no one was in LiberiFatali at the time, Zephiris invited me into Shibby. Saw some familiar faces again. Eckardt, however, ran right past me without a wave (he claims it's because I'm too short and the computer didn't draw me in). I also said hi again to Fullen, Hypnotizd, Demesis, and Blaire. Not sure who else is playing, but looking forward to seeing.

Also I heard about some of the updates. Synergy!?!? Gardeners banned and then reinstated (I wonder if I would have been banned if I was actively playing at the time). Not too many job updates, although the ranger ones are fun (now I don't have to do velocity shot every dang 5 minutes, still need an auto attack cause my fingers get sore).

I was telling Eckardt that I didn't have a Blau for my THF. Then I reread my earlier posts and realized, I actually do have one. My bank account is still relatively healthy. I think I have about 7-8 mil on all my different characters. Going to work on finally getting Alchemy to 100 on Brin, I'm somewhere at 99.x. Then getting goldsmithing to 60 (at 58) on Verrick.

It was funny. I couldn't remember how to get to places. How to even lot on treasure. Or how to start a party. It's amazing what you forget. Well I'm sure I'll have fun again. Also heard about FFXIV.


Neil said...

Wow that's really cool that you're still playing! It's Ashke here btw :)

The card on my account expired and I decided it was "time" to leave it be. So many good times, most of them thanks to you and Enedin :) Thanks!

I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV though! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Vlacatocc here, how are you doing? If you're planning to play FFXIV, make sure you're on the same server as we are when you create your character. The server will be announced on

Oh, and pick "Fune" as your surname! :)

Kaerwyn said...

I have no idea if you still check this blog, or if you plan on migrating to Eorzea, but I just wanted to let you know that Imperial has settled on Ghsyal for a server home. It was Pikko and Thay's choice, as it seems where the 'Zam admins want to settle down at.