Monday, July 24, 2006

Ding 35!

After the update finished downloading, I went into FFXI. Was just running around when Elteriak from the other night asked me if I wanted to party. So I dig out my RDM gear and go to Garlaige Citadel. In this party was a WAR/NIN (Kotou) and a WAR/MNK (I just can't remember their name, but they were GOOD), Vengeance (NIN/WAR), Elteriak (DRK/WAR I think), myself (RDM/BLM) and a WHM/BLM named Scuzz. So we get skillchains for bats (fragmentation) and beetles (Distortion). So I figure, sounds like a good party. Unfortunately, the bane of my existence starts again, the WHM.

Scuzz was an idiot. He did not use regen (which helps to manage MP in my opinion) and did not use food (not even cookies). He would cast Bio (luckily I have Dia II) without any rhyme or reason. I asked him why he was casting Bio (he wouldn't get DRK skill ups) and he never answered. Then he starts casting shock over and over and also using water to nuke. And I end up regenining and main healing. What the hell? So I share my frustrations with Elteriak and Vengeance. They too are incredulous. Ask him several times in the aprty chat not to cast BIo and to focus on healing as THAT is his JOB. And he just ignores us. So Elteriak has a replacement come and he gets booted. Apparently he complained in tells to Elteriak.

His replacement was Sye. Now if you have the chnace to party with this WHM do so! She was awesome. Regens, heals, brought cookies, and was just plain fun to play with. We were doing great experience and chatting up a storm. Sye also spoke Japanese and English so was able to chat with Kotou as well. Then one of the WAR had to leave (the one I can't remember the name, I'm so bad), so we get Benia (a RNG) to replace. So instead of Kotou pulling she starts pulling. And doing insane damage with her shots (like 80-100 per shot). She also pushed us to our limits with pulls, but never pulled too fast that we were in any danger of wiping. The RNG was so good. In fact the whole party rocked. And we were teasing each other as well. Faith in pick up parties is restored! Poor Vengeance he had a hard time tanking with the WAR, RNG, and DRK doing a lot of damage. Here's what he said about his tanking:

And Raptor Mazurka for BRD! Yay. Although it doesn't seem that much faster to me. Now I have to start meriting someday to get my Protectra V and Shellra V. The Sunbreeze festival is starting. Get ready for dancing Tarus and repetative music. But the fireworks. I have to take pictures this year! (and I have to learn to type less).


Aini said...

=o.o= lo~ong post! Congratulations to 35 on ur rdm o.< and lol at that Whm <.<
Raptor Mazurka isnt as fast as Chocobo one but ya can sub it now with another job and still be fast \=O_O=/!

oh and Happy Summer Festival to ya c.c)

Faulsey said...

Gratz on 35.
I'm on laptop right now, so I might not get the chocobo sent immediately, but you'll get it. I'm not 100% sure it will work as a simple .dat swap, but even not, it's simple to change.

Any info you need will be in e-mail.

Faulsey said...

I've just sent the chocobo files, make sure to get back to me whether they work or not! :)

Taritai said...

^^ Congratulations!