Monday, July 24, 2006


Remember that fun pick up party that I had? Well one of the members Gottlieb looked me up the next day and asked if I'd be willing to help out him and Skylee for the magicite quests. Hehe, I had to tell him that Skylee was not near ready for that as he was on the Dragon fight (Mission 2-3). But I said I'd take him to do the Magicite quest. Now, back when I did this I was like level 30 or something. We killed the dragon (my friends Alcindor and Lanoire waited for me to get to level 30 before we edid this quest) and Sumiko took us around. In fact we did the rank 3-3 mission (delkfutt's tower) and then did the magicites all in one sitting. I was post call that day too, so much of it was a blur.

So I read back up on the quest and go and kill stuff in Beadeaux (took me a while to remember where those mobs pop). Then I place him at Dem and have him Choco to Jeuno. We start the tenshodo quest and I take him to Bastok then back to dem to Jeuno to complete. We get all the key items and head on our merry way. I figure Castle Oztraja first since it's the longest. But I somehow lost my maps of the place. So going on memory, I inadvertenty lead him toward the place for LB3 (o.O) D'oh! Escape, retry. Finally find the right place. Off toe BEadeaux and Davoi and completed those quickly. Woohoo Rank 5.

Turns out he has a friend Cazim who he plays with (real life friend). Gottlieb actually got his BLM ahead of Cazim's MNK with our party. I think Cazim was a little put out that Gottlieb did Rank 4 missions without him. So Gottlieb asks me if I can do the missions for him (Cazim was at work when we did the missions initially, he work until late in the night). So I say sure and start the whole process again. Turns out Cazim and Gottlieb have played FFXI 2 times before, but never really got farther than this mission (and around the 40s job level). This time they want to go all the way and Cazim really wanted this mission done. He had actually read up on the missions and printed out maps. So things went pretty fast (plus I didn't get lost this time). Woohoo Rank 5 again. Turns out Cazim likes fatasy novels so we chatted about that while doing the missions.

Yesterday, I got asked by Lorddocster to powerlevel his ninja. He desperately wants NIN to 37 so he can be a RDM/NIN (which he claims are "gods" of the game). Meh, gods. Until one of them wipes and wants an Raise III (hehe, RDM didn't get Raise II in the update) [see my post about Davoi below]. Now I really hate powerleveling at times, it's kind of boring. Plus everyone wants the PL to be the tank. So I lay out ground rules. The party should function as normal. People provoking, doing SC, MB, and no freakin' WHM meleeing and casting banish, banish, and elemental magic. And we set off to the Eastern Altep desert. He actually told me, "I'll give you 100K per level and 100K per hour". But I really hate powerleveling, but I have a hard time saying no. So we get to the desert and he assembles his team. And gives me 500K off the bat, I try to refuse, but he keeps trading me and tells me to take it. Somehow they have an idiotic PLD who has no concept of how to voke or rest for MP. Then he goes AFK for ages (on the "loo"). So this was bothering me. Much to the fact that I didn't really notice the WHM. Now they eventually boot that PLD for being AFK for a long time and get another PLD. Now this one I liked! Voked, cured, rested/healed and I hardly tanked at all. They also picked up a BLM to complete the party (e.g. a WAR/THF had to leave).

Now I start noticing the WHM. Doesn't use any food I can tell. Has never heard of regen. Basically I'm curing the party while this mithra rests for 3/4 of the battle. Then she pops up and uses Cure IIs. I ask her to regen the tank. No answer. I ask her to regen the SAM (who was stealing hate a lot), no answer. Although she did cast regen ONCE! (and just once after I asked). Argh. Eventually we move to Garlaige Citadel. Before the move I get another 500K for leveling bonus I was told. Now this was too freakin much. But he wouldn't take no for an answer. Now the RDM was never magic bursting to the set up skill chain but he was new and I could forgive him. I ran him to bastok so I could warp 2 him but his HP was in the desert so I Warped him to the desert. So I tele him and he makes his way to garlaige.

So in garlaige, I was getting more and more frustrated by the WHM. She essentially is not doing anything, I'm the main healer. Eventually she has to leave so she gets replaced by another WHM. Well actuallly they had 2 WHM for a while because the RDM just up and ran off for no apparent reason. o.O. So I start off a conversation with this new WHM when I see her use regen off the bat. Hallelujah! I give her my remaining ginger cookies and we work out a battle plan. The SAM was still an MP sink. But I wanted her to enfeeble to get her skills up. So I watched the SAM and NIN HP in the beginning while she enfeebled. Then she regened and cured whil I was her back up. Now the NIN was pulling way too fast for a convetional party and for people to get MP. She would tell me when she got low and I main cured for a fight. It was very enjoyable. She had to leave eventually and got this WHM named Pakka who also used regen! And he macro'd in some emotions while curing (so I could tell when he was doing cure and cure II, hehehe). So Lorddocster had to finish when he was 35 (it was 6AM in England) and I was up 1 mil in gil.

Now recently Verrick's bank has been low. I had been fluctuating between 400-500K, but after my last party where I bought the seer's set, centurion set/sword with CP, extra food for people, and the merc capt doublet, I was down to 232K. So maybe karma is a good thing? My friend Lanoire recently added up all of my mules' money. Turns out I have like 8.4 million total. Never thought of it that way. Each of my mules has their own account. I rarely transfer gil between characters. The mules in the cities have to spend their cash to buy crafting materials and send them to others, so my Sandy mule has recently dipped from 1.5 mil to 1.4 mil (damn Sandy has been in first for 3 freakin' weeks).

Anyhow, the new update is being implemented right now. I guess I have to start meriting so I can get Protectra V and Shellra V. And as a BRD I get Raptor's Marzurka (level 37) whoohoo!. Slight boost to walking speed. Anyone need a WHM in a merit party?


Taritai said...

; ; I hate you Verrick! You need to know this!

:) Hehe.

Darrett said...


What have I done?!?!? *skims a bit from Taritai's bank account*

Jowah said...

Im starting to die for sleepyness, but I'll wait.
And new songs and skills :D yay!

Faulsey said...

o.O Note to self: Level WHM. 1 mil for a few hours boring work is good. I suck at farming >.>; And yeah, most WHMs seem to think they can get away with leeching EXP when they have a PL. Pain in the neck.

Btw, if you want that white choco, I'll put it up for download somewhere, or e-mail you it. Get back to me on that.