Saturday, July 08, 2006


"Hi, my name is Darrett and I am a Final Fantasy XI addict."

There I said it. Who would have thought that I'd start a blog based on my adventures in Garuda. Of course, not being able to play for the past week due to credit cards expiring and replacements getting lost in the mail, I had to resort to other things for my addiction.

I've been playing on the Garuda server for about a year now. Currently my fascination and frustration comes from the world of crafting. And not just on my main character. I've got an Alchemy mule, a Clothcrafting mule, a Leathercrafting mule, and a Cooking mule. This gives me a grand total of 5 guild point items to turn in on a regular basis.

Most notably during this "hiatus" from the game, I actually posted on Allakazham (had to use the name Verr as Verrick was apparently taken...grrrrr) and on Not too sure how many people will be reading this (I expect very low numbers if at all), but I felt it was something to do. And who knows, it might actually turn out to be an interesting adventure.

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