Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let Me Back In!

So after waiting patiently (well actually very impatiently) for my shiny new credit card to arrive in the mail I finally have it in my hot little hands last night. So you figure everything would be good to go, right? Is anything with FFXI that easy? Of course not. I try to re-register my card and get a "there has been a system error" message. System error message? What the heck? It said "try again later". And of course customer service (for a game that goes on 24/7) is not available on the weekends. I was seeing RED :-) So I gave up, checked on the various posts, and turned into bed (had just finished going to my aunt's burial and helping the family out with things).

So this morning, I wake up and decide to give it the old college try again. Amazingly this happened without a hitch on the first try. And then I find out, it only reactivates your playonline ID. You have to go through and reactivate each and everyone of your content IDs (including your main character). And you cannot do this enmasse. Argh! Frustration!

It's been fun having time away from FFXI (although talking to my friends made it a little difficult as one of them got their chef hat during my imposed hiatus). It was actually entertaining to read posts and actually post. And I got a reply to one of my posts from Valark! On It was like getting a message from the leader of Garuda. I haven't actually seen her in the game, but the one time I saw Rhealana it was like...Ooooh, I should snap a picture (I didn't though). All these famous people I see.

And one day I'm going to learn what orz, emo, 1337, QTF and various other slangs are. I think I'm getting old. Reading some of the posts are painfully difficult for me. People sometimes laugh when I chat in game. I capitalize, use commas (and the occasional semi-colon), and even end my sentences with punctuation. I guess that comes from all the darn typing I do as a pediatrician (with the electronic medical records).

Anyway, I get to go back to the game! As soon as I finish these content IDs (grumble). The guild point items suck for today. Cerment Sword anyone?!?!


Tuufless said...

Hehe, I'll quickly help you out a bit. ^^

orz - "A picture of a guy kneeling down (some say bashing his head on the ground). Think of the 'o' as the head, the stem of the 'r' as the arm, and the two corners of 'z' being the backside and knees, respectively.

emo - "Emotional". I think? Someone who's really, very emotional about stuff. Drama kings/queens, this isn't really a good thing to say about someone. :P

1337 - Leetspeak for well, "leet". :P

QTF - "Quoted For Truth"

Darrett said...

Ok, it's official. I'm old. Thanks for the help Tuufless!