Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

To honor taritai's post about being starstruck, I thought I'd offer a glimpse of some of the "famous" or "infamous" people on Garuda. I like to read the Allakazham boards and everytime I see a name from there I need to snap a picture. I got a picture of Rhealana and Bruner because of

Yesterday I finally experienced on my BRD again. We were killing the pink flamingo things outside of Al Zhabi. It was fun. The only thing that marred it were the multitude of soloers that took our mobs. When a party is there already, why do people come in and take the mobs that we are exping off of? I don't quite understand. So eventually we found another spot and life was good. Got to 56 last night form 55, and only 3K more to 57. I can't wait for carnage elegy.

I finally got Wist her raw fish handling. To celebrate I skilled up on tuna sushi! And gave it to Verrick to eat while he was a BRD.


Faulsey said...

Congrats on raw fish handling.

I'll keep my eyes peeled or celebrities on my server... /peels eyes

Taritai said...

Hehe, glad to see I inspire...someone. @_@

I've only heard of Rhealana...just due to some blog hopping. ^^ Everyone else is.."*shrug*" to me...but if they're popular on a server, they must be good!