Monday, July 31, 2006

Rated T

So Taritai scared the bejeezus out of me in the Cloister of Fire. I'm trying to lure her to Garuda from Shiva! Heheh. She's so entertaining. Wish I could make the text bigger to read.

So yesterday I finally got my last whisper, Ifrit! Thanks again to the LordsofHydra Linkshell for helping me do this. I feel like a leech sometimes, all I do is buff and heal. Have the RDM/NIN do all the hard work. And the BLM/WHM finish them off with AM.

I bought out all of the Guguru Tuna on the AH throughout Vana'diel to skill up on Tuna sushi. Got to 73.2 on about 11 tunas. So I tried to go and get my own although I'm only level 18 fishing and it caps at 41. It required fishing off the ferry so off I go. I actually catch 4 but during one part of the ride I didn't notice the sea horror. So death to tarutaru again. That leaves me only 9K exp (about 2 deaths without reraise or raise III) before I delevel to 74. Time to change back to exp rather than limit points.

So I level with part of my static last night. It was actually my real life friends. It was five of us, two NIN/WAR, WHM/BLM, SAM/WAR, and DRK/WAR. We were killing worms in the tunnel. I was kind of high so the exp wasn't that great but we managed to get everyone up to level 19 I think.

I snaped this picture while we were waiting on MP. Alcindor was "hiding" the worm. I'll leave it up to you guys to come up with an interesting title.


Faulsey said...

That last picture... Is... so not right.

taritai said...


No fair no fair! That was the most embarrasing quote!

lol, do you know what it's like to get to there then look at yourself and wonder...

"Why don't I look the same? Why am I in the Tarutaru starting gear...why do I only have 50 gil!?!"

...then realize you're on another server entirely?

Hehe, congrats on your whisper! Sorry I scared you @_@

:D And your static sounds like fun!

Paul said...

"Hey, Alci, you mind bending over & picking up the earring I dropped? Thanks!"

Alcindor said...

Yes it was a little painful to gain so little exp per kill. But overall, it was pretty good considering majority, if not, everyone gained two lvls in about three hours. Hopefully, next time, whenever this maybe, we will be at Qufim gaining better exp since we are all lvl 19-21. Honestly, lvling with people you know makes the game more enjoyable; so it didn't matter that much we didn't gain as much as we should have in three hours. See you all online.

Alcindor said...

Sure... picks up the earring and gives it to paul... hey... no take my worm... Stands back up... (hiding the worm)... :)

Darrett said...

Heheh. I actually got a comment from Alci (I think). lol@Faulsey. I actually took a movie of it too. That was a little disturbing. Gotta love Alcindor.

Yup, playing with people you know is alway more fun than with total strangers. At least you get a known commodity and plus you have an easier time chatting while playing. I just felt bad because I was killing all of your guys exp. But now I have little sympathy for WHMs in the tunnel. I mean, if an Elvaan WHM can heal us little tarutaru DDs/tanks (isn't that the opposite of what it's supposed to be?) then any WHM should be able to handle it. *grin*

Valynne said...

Yes, that was a fun and relaxed party. I think it was easier for me, the Elvaan WHM, to keep up with the cures because the 2 NINs did not get hit very much and the DRK healed himself with drain. :)

Guankim said...

Ahhh, WHM fun when there are good NIN's ^^ Just don't annoy them and get too Divine happy for when they do decide to get hit, lmao ^^

As to the partying with friends you know? Hellz yeah, it makes for great times. But as I had to remind someone the other day... there's always the opportunity to make new friends too. Like Verrick's obsession with our Domme BLU in our little party. Oopsy, did I just post this? xD