Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Somber Memories

Yes, we beat Dynamis-Bastok. Now up for Dynamis-Windurst.



Ever feel disconnected in a way? Well I do. I'm sort of thinking of not playing FFXI anymore. We'll see what happens. I used to have fun just chatting with people and friends. But ever since my break with GYS, I find myself still irritated and annoyed. I never felt that people supported me after the rude things that a player had said. And if you can't count on friends ... whom can you count on. So that does color things a lot for me. So continue to have fun in FFXI. Maybe it's time for a permanent disconnect.


Enedin said...


This is how I feel after reading this post... I don't know what to say! Don't go man!

btw, chatting with friends is the most important part of MY life, but I manage to have a perfect balance between that and playing ffxi, which enhances my life tremendously... And I hope you feel the same way. Amen.

Paul said...

Ouch... I'm sort of entering that 'pissy with people' stage too, and I can feel resentment pooling about in the recesses of my mind somewhere. That's part of the reason why I'm flying solo for awhile.

Need some time to sort of establish my own well-being outside of a group and let the resentment drain away somewhere during the realignment.

I wish I could hop out to that server and hang with you for awhile. Sounds like you could use a good dose of goofing off ^_^

Do whatever you need to do Verrick. Just know that I'll be checking this page everyday, whatever your decision is.

And last but not least: congratulations on the Dynamis win.

Jowah said...

this = quit ? >_<
don't dare.

taritai said...

; ; If leaving is what you need to do Verrick, I won't forgive you, but I'll understand.

I mean, what will I tell our tarutaru children? :(

But I understand how you feel about these people. :( Don't let them get you down too badly!

:) The Shiva server is waiting for you if you want a new beginning!