Saturday, September 16, 2006

NM 'R' Us

For Enedin, who asked me, when the heck am I going to post again: Posting!

So we entered Dynamis Jueno once again. My first experience with Dynamis Jeuno was two full wipes in the first two pulls. This time, it went much better. Even with only 2 BLMs, the RDMs were nuking their hearts out. Now, the boss was something different. It took us a while to figure out how to get that sucker back to the MH. We defeated the boss, but right when we took it out a WHOLE MASS LOAD OF GOBS AND STATUES came pouring down on us. Luckily our two good WHMs had their RR3s up. However, the gobs glitched and stuck on the stairs so we had to eventually exit. But it's win #2 for me. We're supposed to try for Bastok. Scorpions, evil.

Now the walletaru is becoming tighter. Verrick has spent a lot on RDM lately. So he's been trying to get the spider torque (600K on AH) for free from the Dune Widow. Sadly 0/8 at this point. On the other hand ... I decided on a whim to try and camp Mysticmaker in Onzonzo. The first time I was there, I got outclaimed. So I noted down the time, went to eat a very late dinner and came back on with about 15 minutes to next pop time. This time I got the claim, and I got the EARRING! Go go Verrick. I also got Thundaga III for my BLM. I now have a whole ton of BLM spells littering up my various MHs. I will have to level the job sometime.

After being less than 2K away from her chef's hat and about 1.6 levels down from the 81 cap of Pamama Au Laits, Wist finally went back to crafting. I had hoarded honey for the longest time. I cranked out tons of au laits, but finally made it to 81. On to glaces I think. For the past several days, the GP items for cooking have just, sucked. Today was pea soup which has easily gathered ingredients. Synthed them up for enough GP to get my Hat! With me is Munami (in his tarutaru form). Thank you Munami for lending Wist your robe so she would look halfway ... decent ... in the photo. Now comes the long haul of the apron then the cordon bleu set. Lanoire will definitely beat me.

I always have fun partying with Valynne. She has come with me on some loooong quests and boring farming sessions. But she's always fun to chat with. Today we decided to hunt some NMs in Bedeaux. We claimed a lot of them, but they dropped sort of worthless things. But I got a new hat that I can wear in town instead of my condom hat (even though it's a nice AFv2 one). We will get that Holy Phial for you yet Valynne!


Enedin said...

All right! New post! I always love reading your 'tales', thank you for doing so much in this game lol, otherwise this page wouldn't be that interesting... ^^

Guankim said...

LOL, gratz on the hat...and yes, if you didn't do so much in game, your page might look like... MINE! >.>;; hehe

Lanoire said...

Grats on the earring and the chef hat for Wist.

Eckardt said...

LOL Congrats on the hat. I have yet to get enough for my raw fish handling :/ No wonder I only get 0.1 skillups, I don't have a robe like you :P

@Guankim LOL, where were you this weekend? Was gonna have you come with us to farm anima.

Kalaria said...

Hey, ^^ It's me Kala, Ill be there on Wednsday, finally got settled in the my new apt. /wave

taritai said...

Hehe, awesome hat.

Congrats on all you accomplished! One day I'll see Dynamis..

Ooo, congrats on the earring too! ^^. You go, you crazy crafting Taru!