Sunday, November 19, 2006

Death in Spades

I don't know if you remember, but I used to die a lot as a BST. Mostly from trying to charm too high level things or not really paying attention. It seems to be my problem when soloing, I tend to have my attention wander and my little taru ends up dead.

So I've been working on BLM. For a while it had lingered at 29, then it jumped into a static to get to 42. At that time I ditched it for BRD. Getting my RDM up to 50 (and getting all the AF pieces) as well as doing a lot of manaburns (resident LS bard I guess, when the BLMs want to level, I'm nominated first, plus they seem to think they can attract more BLMs if they have a BRD in tow) made me sometimes want to blow things up. Taking into account that my highest level jobs are WHM (yes, hexastrike and light SC and light MB, but really, how often can I blow things up in 2 hits), BRD (umm...yeah, go damage potential), and RDM (go nuke for 15!) and how little I solo (I'm not a very good soloer) I rarely do much damage in my exp parties. So I think it was a combination of all of that that pushed me to level my BLM.

As punishment for being a easy leveling job whore (back when WHM got insane invites, and BRD well, is just BRD) I can now feel the pain. For some reason on Garuda tanks seem to be very, very scarce. Not quite sure why. So I've been racking my brains to figure out where to solo. And it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. There are some posts on soloing but most of them start at level 60 for BLM and above. So what was a little 49 BLM to do?

Well ... he gets to die alot.

Level 49. Cape Terrigan. Verrick vs Goblin bunnies. Goblin bunnies 50 million, Verrick 5. Seriously, those bunnies are nasty. Plus soloing as BLM is a trick, gott try and kill those pets fast so they don't beat up on you. Needless to say, it was sad.

Level 50-54. Had experience parties, but not all of them good or for a long time. In between I visited Gustav Tunnel. I found a spot where there was a Golin leech (its BST master), a crab, and a goblin alchemist. Exp was pretty good, but I died a lot there. At least 15 times. Thank goodness for the RR earring. Once I understood how they moved and got access to my staves, my resists dropped way down. But with no zone nearby, one resist or the gob turning at the last minute to see their pet = dead tarutaru.

Level 55-56. Experience parties. Actually had some in the woodlands. And I discovered, the birds are aspirable. Fun times, fun times.

Level 56 - 57. Trepidations. Had read about Newton Movolopolos (spelling is probably wrong). I've died a couple times here already. Those goblins are a nasty piece of work. I finally got my shaman's cloak from the NM in Quicksand caves thanks to Lorddocster. Finally another NM I will not have to see again. I swear, the NMs must hate me.


Guankim said...

Congrats on the cloak and all. I'm hating BST now, just trying to get it up for the BCNM's xD My BLM is still at 46 where I left it...should've kept it going instead of RDM, back when BLM seeking PT = major invites.
But oh well.

Paul said...

Yeesh, you people make BST sound so depressing -_-

I still want to try it, though.

Eckardt said...

Ha.. not so much true anymore.. :P Now my RDM is getting tons of invites, but I wanna merit BLM... go figure I have the worst timing ever :P

Kupotaru said...

BST is hard, I gave up at 20 :) I just don't like leveling in general, I think my BLM is stuck at 61 or something. Nowadays I don't really play anymore, so the chances of me getting anywhere are slim :p I'd like to be at 75, but I think that requires gear I don't have and I still didn't do the sleepga II quest yet.

Guankim said...

Eck....what do you think? RDM's ALWAYS get loads of invites, haha! I got 4 invites the other day while I was helping with THF AF and then farming chips with Verrick! Sheesh. My name is blue, that means I'm in a PT! Only one japanese player sent a second tell - With {I'm sorry} [[I didn't realize]]PT[[No offense intended]] -- I was all /joy because someone apologized, I thanked him/her and quickly went /anon....4 invites was too many, haha.