Sunday, November 12, 2006

Antlion Traps

Sorry, no pictures to accompany this post.

We tried a Rostrum Pump run. It didn't go as well as it could have. The BLMs were kind of all over the place on which mob to hit so we lost our first two antlion traps. We did manage to get the pumps twice. The last battle took like 40 minutes and involved a lot of kiting and unweakening and raising. After that it was getting late and we had to call it a day. So I still have my antlion trap awaiting one day.

Did Dynamis-Beadecine today. It was quite fun actually. We made it to the mega boss, but s/he is accompanied by 4 dragons that ate us for lunch. Not bad for our 2nd time there (first time I understand they wiped a lot earlier and didn't make it to the megaboss, I couldn't go because I hadn't won Windy yet). But it was fun fun fun! I like the LS.

I had been exping in Bibiki Bay with Eckardt and Hatchetwarrior on my BRD. And managing to skill up to 170s on my sword. Don't think that's going to happen much more.

Been trying to solo on BLM. Damn I die a lot! Trying now as BLM/NIN in Gustav Tunnel. Not bad exp, about 200ish without the bad. My AM doesn't oneshot the pets too often ; ; and sometimes I get resisted. But it's better than just waiting around for a party no?


Eckardt said...

Uhh well... I wouldn't let solo being your only source of EXP yet. I would wait til around 60, unless you don't mind dying. I would keep that party flag up though (not a lot of people understand search comments, though put your intended sub in there lol -- since I don't know if a lot of people would like a BLM/NIN in their party... it's almost like a WHM/THF... oh wait) :D Parties are slow at that level, but you'd be surprised how fast you can get exp with a good PT, just can't lose hope, since it gets even worse in the 60s.

Faulsey said...


As of a weekish ago.

I'm quick.