Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Beginnings

Things have quieted down for me lately. Been on a leveling kick for BRD, as I was burned out crafting. Here is a retrospect of what has happened. Of course there are pictures.


I finally managed to cap my experience on WHM. So now I have automatic limit points. That being said I helped a linkshell mate for a few hours in a nice, relaxed traditional party set up with a SC and MB and that's how I managed to cap exp. I also managed to get another merit point. So I have 2 waiting to spend. I'm still kind of meh on the whole Protectra V (although it does look nice). I've unlocked Devotion, thinking of unlocking Martyr. That is if I ever merit. As you can see I managed to get my turban finally. I kinda of like the WHM AFv2 hat instead. But the turban is fun to run around in.

I finally participated in the Optical Hat fight on my WHM. Two seprate sessions and 21 hats later, my thumbs are sore. But not one party wipe and every single person got their hat. Here is a LS person, Kalaria (one of my favorite WHMs) with her shiny new optical hat. I've been kind of meh on the equipment since I don't melee much on my WHM. But my LS leader has made it his personal goal that I get a hat and even camped 2 of the eyes for me when I was too exhausted to continue. But I have all of my eyes now, just need to find someone to craft the cluster for me.


One of the crowning achievements on BRD is to obtain the Opo-Opo Crown. This I did with the generous time of Lorddocster, Vlacatocc, and Munami. I got the Ten of Coins Card and the sands of silence on my own. The rest I purchased from the AH as I was unable to get a wandering bulb in Fei Yin for over 6 hours solo. Lorddocster and Vlacatocc helped me get my ancient salt 1/1 and my giant fish bones (after Munami and I tried for over an hour killing those stupid tonberries). Lorddocster, Vlacatocc, and Munami managed to get my my wyvern skull in 3 kills (and 2 deaths, both by Munami; turns out he accidnetally pulled the NM and sacrificed himself and then died again when the wyvern we were fighting did an AoE). I managed the lucky egg with the help of a wandering THF after I had been trying for 4 hours. The funny thing is, the crown only lasted me a few levels. This is because I had won the Bard's Roundlet in Dynamis earlier. I'm thinking about using the Opo-Crown in Dynamis for the extra MP and HP boost it gives and I can elegy and sleep most of the mobs without the need for the extra singing skill the hat gives me.

And yes, this BRD has reached level 75. Without a NIN sub worth his name. And yes, this BRD even learned to pull. It was painful, but it can be done. Not something I totally enjoy all the time, but it can be fun. The party that I reached 75 in was impressive. It was a merit party, and we were in the overcrowded and overcamped Mire. I started out 6 K to level and in an hours time was 7K into 75. I was so busy I hadn't even noticed that I leveled. I managed a chain #66 before a mob moved before I could elegy it and broke the chain. My previous highest chain was #16 on Erucas in Mt.Z. I also had fun pulling against two parties in Bibiki Bay and maintaining a chain #5 pace.

Since people found out my BRD was reaching the upper levels, I've had invites into sky shells. I haven't taken a permamanent spot because my social LS dreams of having it's own, and plus I'm on a different time zone. I just wanted to see and fight the gods in sky. I had the opportunity with two different shells. One with Brandondl folks. I saw Genbu, Byakko, and Suzaku that day. They did pretty good, although Byakko gave us a run for our money and was killing everything in sight. The next time I went with a friend Eleteriak with his LS. They were very organized and decimated Byakko 2 x in a row. I also saw Seiryu. I have yet to see Kirin. I'm not much for the endgame scene. The only equipment I want is the Rostrum Pumps and if I can get it the Reverend Mail. Mainly for my WHM.


Dynamis continues to be fun. I really actually enjoy it. The picture up actually is a mistake. This was our recent run to Sandoria where we won, but somehow managed to come out all dead. But the LS beat Windurst 2x in a row, which is a good thing. I really hate Windurst. The shell is growing and people are getting to know each other, and it is much more relaxed. I had a lot of fun joking around in this recent dynamis run. I've received most of my AFv2 from the starter cities except Jeuno which both WHM and BRD elude me. I got the best piece of BRD, the puffy hat already. I'm kind of meh on the rest, but kind of want it for completeness sake. I really want the cleric's briault. Hope it drops someday.

Crafting and Leveling

Crafting has definitely taken a back seat. I was burned out. I craft here and there to make some gil and same some money. But I think the levleing craze is slowly wearing off and I'll be back to crafting.

I picked up BLM again after I had left it at 41 to change over to BRD. I guess it's because I see all this fun blowing things up and I never quite get to do it. I kind of want it at 50 so I can do my AF quests and store that away. After that, who knows.

I made a new sig for the LordsofHydra site.


Paul said...

I'm so glad to see you back, Darret!

And with a nice meaty update, no less. ^_^

Congratulations on reaching 75 with BRD and getting a gander at some of those gods. I think I'll jump into the ZM's when I get my final ding (+ buffer) on Warrior.

Taritai said...

Welcome back!

Congratulations! I hate you! I don't know why, but on the Shiva server, leveling BRD has gotten slow as of late. ><

Katella said...

welcome back!

Guankim said...

And's time for YOUR OHat...hehehehe, melee BRD power! *hides*

Jowah said...

I am so glad you're back.
I had fun reading all of your full-screen'd posts!


Kalaria said...

Woot! Thx again for your help w/ OHat. We definitely have to get you yours!