Saturday, January 27, 2007

Feeling the Joy

The pictures are back and not just cutscenes either! Joy!

Red Mage

After a long while, my semi-static got back together for RDM. Guankim (BRD) and Kenshin (THF, he has a longer name, I just forget the whole thing at this point) teamed up with my RDM and we went a searchin' for a party. Amazingly we found a NIN tank which for us is good because we usually have to make do with a less than ideal tank (e.g. solo WAR/NIN, WAR/NIN x 2 bouncing hate, WAR/NIN + SAM bouncing hate). We added a WAR/NIN and a MNK/WAR into the mix. I was main healing with Guankim as back up. The party actually went pretty well in Kuftal. I think I managed to get my haste and refresh cycles down pat. Eventually the WAR/NIN had to leave so we got a SAM/WAR replacement. Damn the damage just went super high after that. Everytime I party with a SAM, esp a Tarutaru SAM, it makes me want to level it more. I managed to eek out to level 53, seven more levels to full pimpness. Maybe in about a year? It also gave me a chance to try out my glamor jupon that I received a while back while helping on a swift belt run. I am in love with the armor. But then again I'm a +skills type of guy. Joy!

Meanwhile I get this creepy party invite while running around as a RDM:

Yes, it's from Anna. The infamous WHM/THF and THF/WHM of Garuda. I posted stuff about her a while back. She's still doing those combinations, but at least not bothering us on Alla boards. The scary thing is she's becoming known on other servers as well. I don't understand why she would invite me. After all I was one of her non-ardent supporters (yes believe it or not she has her fans for her "individuality"). I almost laughed in her face. But I was polite. No Joy!


I haven't touched Summoner since waaaaaay back after I got it to 38. Part of my reason was I wanted to have Fenrir before I went further. Other parts was finishing WHM to 75, playing BRD and BLM. I've been wanting Fenrir for a while but I'm horrible at starting party/missions. Luckily some friends, Arizod and Gheldhart were looking out for me. They planned to do a Fenrir run for Sali to get his Evoker's ring and some other people to get Fenrir. So they invited me in. We had SMN/WHM, SMN/WHM, BLM/WHM, BRD/WHM, RDM/WHM, and NIN/WAR. Luckily we fought him on Lightsday. Dark Carol really helps on his 2 HR, but the damn beast loves to dispel. He caught a couple of us by surprise with his vehement use of dispel the first battle (a couple of us were Fenrir Virgins) but I managed to sneak out a RR without it being dispelled before we wiped. So we reraised ready for revenge. This time it went much smoother, although Gheldhart did die. I managed to get dark carol up, but Fenrir dispelled right before he 2HRd, evil damn wolf. But now I have him on MY side. After I get BLM going could SMN be next? Probably a part time thing, since I want to level COR next. Go go Support Jobs! At least Fenrir is in my arsenal now. Diablos, hrm. Joy!


I took Vimechue out for a spin. I've basically neglected her. She tried to get my attention back by wearing her leather outfit. We went a huntin'lizards in CN for lizard tails. I'm getting Verrick's Alchemy to 60 cap so was working on ptions for levle 35-40. I want him to make venom dust to 61 so I can use it on Brin to level to 68 (venom potions) then 76 (venom bolt heads). Anima synths look nice, but the cheap memories are always not in stock in the AH. Plus I heard you can't sell Anima to NPC. Got some stacks of lizard skins which sold for 10-15K and some lizard eggs which sold for about 3K (I remember when chocos first came out, the lizard eggs were going for 20K a stack and CN was crowded).

I managed to get to 56.7 on Hunter's Cotton on Whit. I'm a few K short on GP for Whit's Apron, just have to get him to 68 first. Wist's cooking has been stalled in favor of other crafts. Sarn managed to get to 52 on Catebolas leather. I'm about 40K away from his apron. Brin is sitting at 67.4 in Alchemy, about 60K shy of his apron. I really have to start working on Alchemy GP. Still haven't decided on Verrick's crafts but I'm starting to craft more again. Joy!


No pics of this one. But I was randomly fishing up nebimonites to level fishing (got from 22.7 to 24.3 in one night, woohoo!) and I saw a pirate attack. Then I saw the middle pirate in a vermy. So I whacked the Ship Wight...and Silverhook appeared. WHM/NIN solo attempt. He's a tough one, I just did not have enough firepower. Some random BLM/WHM tossed me a few Cure IIIs. I managed to get him to 8% and was ready to fire off another Hexastrike when he blood saber'd me to get to 15% health. I knocked him to 5% and then ran out of time ; ; In retrospect I should have asked the BLM/WHM to join me and maybe heal/nuke. No Joy!

The real meat of the Post, Joy!

I, however, have even better news to report. On 1/25/07 I get a tell from my friend Arizod. He asks me coyly what I was doing at 12 AM EST (7 PM my time). Didn't have anything planned so he asked me to meet at the entrance to SSG at 7PM. Turns out, Sali had camped the ToD on Charybdis, otherwise knwon as Charby to me. The 8 hour mark truned out to be 12 AM EST. So I trooped down there as BRD/WHM, Arizod as NIN/WAR, and Sali as NIN/WAR. We start killing PH. There was another trio camping it as well, but after about 3 hours we noticed they had left. Which left us all alone, except an independant RDM that was waiting for ToD. Sali was worrying (rightly) about firepower so he managed to recruit Lokina (THF/NIN) and Kattsu (THF/NIN) to help. He changed to SMN/WHM. After about 6 hours of camping the NM finally appeared! Arizod was so excited he immediately voked (even though there was no competition). Unfortunately our SMN and I were low on MP after the whole party had fooled around on some fish people outside. Then we didn't pull him up the ramp so ended up with a manta link as the other "PH" popped. W emanaged to kill off the link but eventually wiped to Charby. We reraised (and nicely the RDM didn't swoop in and try to solo it) and proceeded to kick it's ass. So my friend Arizod got his joytoy! Joy!

The next day I was trying to burn some of my KS since they were taking up space in my MH. My Social LS LordsofHydra recently started up a KSNM service which is nice. I brought 3 orbs. It was a long day waiting. Since Kaboom closed up shop, I think people are starved for KSNM so there were a LOT of people there. Now if timing isn't good some BLMs can die. Vallis who is often quite wishy washy about being helpful and not liking the dying gave up and warped himself out. So I got asked to bring my subpar BLM to help out. So I ended up being part of the KSNM service. I only died once in the whole ton of battles we did. Made about 100K just in the 3K gil that drops after each battle. On one of my orbs I was lucky to get a D.Ingot which sold promptly for 1.35 million, so I have some gil again. I'm supposed to get some of the profits from last night. While I was waiting for my orb runs (before I joined the service) I was talking to Isildor whom I saw in SSG during the new pop window for Charby. It turns out he was fighting it at the moment for Argalo. Now Isildor and Argalo were part of the 15 man to end CoP mission, plus members of the Dynamis shell. They managed to beat Charby and get Argalo his Joytoy. So now I knew the new ToD. Joy!

Unfortunately, LoH is a lot of EU players. Most of the NA players are about levle 30-60 and the new pop window time was in US time. My friend Arizod logged in about 2 hours before the pop window so I asked him if he'd come tank again. He said sure. Our KSNM run had just finished so I asked Dukenukem if he'd come as well. He agreed to come as BLM/WHM since I was told Charby eats PLDs. Sali also said he'd make it. Unfortunately when the pop window came about Sali wasn't logged in (turns out he had to do something for his brother ASAP), so Arizod, myself (BRD/WHM) and Dukenukem went to SSG to camp. Two independent RDMs were there getting ToD. We started to kill some placeholders while I made passionate pleas in the LS. One person Zaon, said he'd only come if he could lot. Grrrr, so he didn't come. Demesis a level 67 (or 69?) WAR/NIN offerred to come out. Then my friend Munami (75 THF/NIN) popped on and I begged him to come. Eventually Sali popped back on and came as SMN/WHM. Two PH pops after Sali arrives Charby pops up. Munami pulls, I double Mambo the melees, elegy Charby and ballad the mages. Arizod had brought Gheldhart as well for R3 and random cures and hastes (as he was controlling Gheldhart as well). And we managed to kill Charby without any deaths. And guess what? I got Joy! Joy!

I am now the devoted slave of Sali, Arizod, Gheldhart (who was there in spirit), Demesis, Munami, and Dukenukem. I got to try out my new toy on a PH manta and managed this:

Yes my sword skill is low, I need to level it. But that Joytoy's two time hitting actually happens quite often. TP fun. So with a Peacock Charm and a Joytoy it's starting to look better for COR every moment. Need to purchase me a gunbelt and get started pouching bullets. That and level RNG to 37 for a full sub...hehe.

After we attempted to go to Ro'Maeve for Sali's YinYang Robe NM. This NM is kind of ridiculous as it spawns invisible (can see on Widescan) and has permanent Flee until it aggros magic or links to a weapon. Poor Sali has been trying for over 2 straight weeks, showing up at every pop window. I think he's got a few claims but no drops. Last night we didn't get the pop again, and some other group got it. And got the drop. Sali was getting frustrated of people going 1/1. Hopefully he gets it soon!


After helping Sali (or trying to help) I suited up as WHM/NIN to take down robber crabs with my friend Kalia from my LS. She's a 74 WHM and was trying to break her trial of clubs. We had been doing this off and on when she took breaks from her BST leveling. We actually managed to break it rather quickly (gotta love Black Halo to Hexastrike for a level 3 SC and 5 points as she closes it) so we're all set for her WSNM in Ro'Maeve. Joy!


I talked to Valynne yesterday since I found strategy guides that she had lent me a long time ago before my "blow-up" and frustrations. I'm going to return them to her on Tuesday.

All in all, had an adventure in Garuda. Never thought I'd get a Joytoy because I always thought there would be too much competition and I was not willing to camp for a ToD to know when the pop window would open. So much thanks goes out to Sali (for camping the original ToD for Arizod) and for Argalo and Isildor for telling me the new ToD. I made my LS leader Lorddocster jealous when he logged on again showing him the Joytoy (he's a RDM, BLM, and WAR 75). So of course I told him when the pop window would start and he decided to camp it. I went to sleep and logged in about 1.5 hours into the pop window (I had logged off in the pop place). He had 10 people there with him, camping against the 2 RDM who were at my battle (camping the ToD). We managed to get the claim and he know has the Joytoy himself. Joy!

So much Joy! spreading around. Hope everyone is having fun. Drop me a line ^^


Isadora said...

mucho congrats! joytoy's definitely nice to have, especially if you get justice sword as well (RDM/NIN!)

Faulsey said...

Your posts are getting long! ; ;

Congrats on your Joyeuse! Some day, like, in 2010, I'm going to get my RDM to 75, and I'm going to get a Joytoy.

Also, is everyone but me getting Glamor Jupons?

First Tuuf, now you... Whos next? Berrie? I bet she already has one!

/mutter mutter

Guankim said...

Great to hear, I enjoyed every bit of the post more as it approached the end! Glad to hear things more Joyful ^^ Reminds me I have to get my joytoy one of these days, too, haha!

Katella said...

Sounds like things are going good for you.. I'm glad :)

Eckardt said...

Grats on the Joytoy. I was there with Lorddocster in the earlier part of the night while he was trying to get his. Unfortunately I started to drift to sleep since the pop time was like 5:00am our time and I already was playing for hours. By 6:30am I couldn't stay up any longer, but I heard he got it anyway :D Gotta try to get one for me when my RDM gets to 70 one of these days.

Wanna come out with us to get Fenrir one night? We're like 0/3 so far lol. Let me know when you're free (which is hardly ever).

Paul said...


Huge congratulations on the Joy! Sorry for the late comment; work actually has me busy these days -_-

Oh and heh... you said "trial of clubs"

Elsayed Abdel Gleel said...

sayed test blogger api :)

Elsayed Abdel Gleel said...

sayed test blogger api :)