Monday, January 29, 2007

Spreading the Joy Around

Apparently receiving a Joytoy has sparked an avalanche. There are several people now sporting a Joytoy after my fateful procurement of one. Lorddocster, Snakegod, Dukenukem and now Dustmite. I'm tired of SSG, honestly. It's possible to win without a BRD, just supposed to be harder. I actually fell asleep during Dukenukem's run and didn't hear the call, but they still beat it. Just take as few people as you can to kill it because massive DDs on Charby = massive TP to Charby = Massive amount of AoEs that can kill a lot of people.

I couldn't resist playing with it.

Recently picked up a heartsnatcher from a KSNM. Currently my Sword skill is 208, Dagger is 205 and I'm 143/500 weapon skill points to breaking the latent on the heartsnatcher. I don't think I'd ever get a Blau Doch so the heartsnatcher looks to be a nice bet for solo BRD. Joy is fun, totally fun. Love seeing myself hit 3 times.

On another happy note, Sali finally received his Yinyang Robe after over 15 straight days camping. For those who are new to this, this mob spawns invisible with flee on. The only way to claim it is through magic aggro or linking with other weapons. Dangerous both choices in Ro'Maeve it is. This last time that we tried I managed to bring several people from my social LS to help out. I saw Valynne and the dreaded Sumiko but I did not have to say anything to Sumiko. Sali graciously had asked me if I was alright with people from GYS coming to help. Anyhow we managed to get that darn weapon and it finally dropped. That's a nice reward for people who help others out a lot. A member of my social shell, Mixlplix, actually got the direct kill (he's a MNK). Congratulations Sali! Thanks for keeping an eye out for the rest of us.


Jowah said...

Omg ☺
We're talking about two items i really would like to have...^^ I admit i'm looking for lot of things lol o_o

Gratz on your joytoy, nice to see it brings you... joy :D!!!
And I know well what means camping shiki weapon x_x Gratz for your friend, the world needs more happier SMNs!

Eckardt said...

OMG Sali must be so happy. I didn't think it was gonna be that much of a pain to get though I did hear a lot of horror stories about that NM. Grats though, it must feel really rewarding especially when you beat another group to the claim :D

I have yet to be there when the Joytoy mob pops. I always go there, and wait... and wait... and then fall asleep lol...

Faulsey said...

Stop flaunting your shiny new sword :(

I am so jealous.

Not that I have a job that can use it, but,shh!

Stealth said...

Nice sword! =) I like your blog btw ^^

-- stealth