Monday, February 05, 2007

It Finally Happened

You knew this would happen someday.

I finally reached BLM to 75 on 2/3/07. And the vast majority of it was soloing. For a while the social LS was fixated on manaburns since the LS leader was RDM and BLM and wanting to get merits. And I barded for a lot of it. Now the LS is fixated on TP burns which means my BLM was left out in the cold. I'm probably not going to party with my BRD until BLM gets a full compliment of exp to cap. Eckardt and Guankim were there at the momentous moment. Recently been duoing with Eckardt when time permits.

Been doing some KSNM runs when I can find the time to help out the service. It's usually jam packed. *sigh*

Notorious Monsters

Got a tell from Kavita if I would be willing to smack down an NM in Junger forest. So I sadled up my WHM/NIN and went after this huge tree. Turns out it drops the bellicose mantle. But this thing has a very high regen rate and between my spell casting (stoneskin, dia, paralyze, slow) and shadow spamming the darn thing was getting HP back more than I could dish it out it seems. So Kavita got her husband Dukenukem to come as PLD and we took it down. Unfortunately no drop. But fun seeing 3 pint sized tarus going after this huge ass tree.

I was seriously disappointed in people this Saturday. WHM get asked all the time for teleports and raises and we oblige when we can. No tanks showed up at ALL for our shen fight on Saturday. What pissed me off was one PLD, Snakegod, whom basically had us kill Charby for his joytoy did not show up when he said he was going to. Our first try one of the BLMs cast before the SC went off. Shen delayed bringing his filtrates out, but I was the only BLM left standing with no MP at about 8% before he retreated into his shell. Then the filtrates took us out. I should have Manafronted now that I think about it. *sigh* Our second try went even worse as he pulled out the filtrates at the beginning. Got it to 40% before wiped. One BLM was only level 60 so he wasn't doing much damage. If we had a tank that could keep some hate off the BLMs it might work better. Maybe some RDMs as well. Maybe the BLMs could have logged for hate issues and come back it. Hopefully try it again on Saturday.

The Yinyang Robe has been a source of frustration for some people that I know. I posted about Sali finally getting his. I lost track of the ToD and didn't know when to go to Ro'Mauve to help Gheldhart out. I get told it was going to be a 6 AM HST pop time so I manage to wake up at 5:30ish and log in. Didn't have time to change from BLM/RDM to BLM/WHM so I OP'd to the Sanctuary and run. Arizod (who was controlling Gheldhart as well) told me the weapon popped early and he accidentally aggro'd it and wiped to it. When I got there, another LS had the weapon but were faring pretty badly. They had links up the wazoo and were ineffectual at handling them. They wiped and Arizod tried to voke the NM, but it ignored him and cast invisible and went running around. I tried to cast magic, but aggro'd another weapon. Arizod and I took care of it and gheldhart got aggro. Then amazingly the NM aggro'd us (whether magic or link not sure) and we got claim. Now the weapon isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when your main tank is controling the main healer, so I ended up main healing. Sali managed to work his way back to us with a weapon on his tail (he was tyring to aggro it in another section). We fought off two links and the NM. I got the kill. And the robe dropped. So now I'm 2/2 on the robe when we get the claim. Maybe I'm a lucky charm?


It's been a long time since I've seen this:

Most of this was the D.Ingot I got at a KSNM run. It was promptly used to buy an Austere Staff. Now I'm 7/8 HQ staves. Not going to get the Water unless I get my SMN up high enough for staff usage. I managed to BCNM Wild Wild Whiskers with my friend Arizod. We duo'd it the first time and I managed to get my Penitent's Rope! Since this has a 600K price tag I was pretty happy I didn't have to buy it. I gave Ari the rest of my loot since he helped me out. We went back yeterday with Arizod (NIN), Eckardt (RDM), and myself (WHM). Definitely made it a lot smoother with Eckardt there to BLM enfeeble, refresh, and help with curing and nuking. Unfortunately Eckardt and I ended up with gleeman's belts. Arizod got the big money drop of the night with a Penitent's Rope. I think this Galka is my new best friend ^^


We managed to beat Dynamis-Beadecine on our 4th try (I was present for only one of those). Smooth run without any wipes to the Mega Boss. Puller sight aggro'd, used perfect dodge and ran the dragons to the beginning of the zone. Meanwhile the PLD voked the Megaboss and let it debuff him while we waited for the dragons to be kited away so they wouldn't aggro and help the megaboss. Tossed the SMN and /SMN pets on it so we could follow as it teleported around. Had a RDM/DRK Chainspell Stun when it used it's chainspell. He was our only casualty as it got off a death/doom spell. And we won. We tried to kill the dragons for fun, and killed one off but could take on the other three. Plans are to have a BLM warp out when the boss is at like 10-15% and run back to the markings. Then everyone drop the glass when they win and hand out new glasses. Come back weakened for 10 minutes then go back to farming. Anything to avoid those dragons. We had tried Buburimu in the past and I'm not looking forward to it in the future.


Eckardt said...

Yippie another BLM75. Whenever I have time (outside of doing COP static on Tues-Thurs), I can go and do roaches with you. So much easier with two than solo, and the exp gimp isn't too bad, esp when you can chain 5 or 6.

Also that BCNM was fun... should do it again and burn down my 3 stacks of BS's. :/ Or any other easy one with good money drop.

As for that yinyang robe, you must be good luck or something... everytime you show up it drops (well pretty much) :)

Isadora said...

(hopefully not too belated) Congrats on hitting Lv75 on BLM ^^

Reading your post, i reflected that the one weakness of this game (versus say, WoW), is that camping HNMs, and all "popular" NMs generally are a pain and major timesink - plus i've never gotten around to level another job to Lv75 on Isa - is mostly why i've elected to stay out of the HNM race thus far.

Recently i also declined to join another sky LS; even with lessened RMT (Real Money junki err i mean Traders, aka gilsellers) competition these days, i found that i no longer have the stamina to stay glued for hours/weeks/months in front of my screen chasing after various NMs in sky for the pop items, just to attempt to get Byakko's Haidate (the only item that i wanted from sky, ironically) -_-

P.S. if you did dig thru' my archived blogs, i did finally manage to save enough points to be top bidder for the said pants..... right before the sky LS i was in died. Kirin's Osode belongs to my brother, who quitted a few months ago.

Isadora said...

Oh, the new Barbarossa's pants? i may have cleared the Ashu Talif #3 a few times already, but i've not gotten around to form a static for it due to schedule conflict, or these days, simply the lack of play time.

I've been trying to push for my Assault static to "help me out" for the 20k mamook assault leggings at the moment - i have a feeling that my team leader (kevinsa) will disband the static once we reach Staff-Sergeant rank (maybe only re-forming the team when there's new content) >_>

Jowah said...

Tarutarulations for your 75 BLM :O
As long with brd, an awesome merit machine xd;;;; I will NEVER try the blm career due lack of real interest, but I admit it is a very powerful job. You can oneshot many BCs with a pt of mages e_e!!

Also I beg you to come when I'll need the robe o_o (lol!) if you're really a lucky charm XD
I camped shiki once and was painful ;;!!!!!

Guankim said...

Grats on the fun, glad I could be there to witness one of them ^^ I have to get my thief up there but I want my Joytoy first, hehe.

((Sadly, my timeframes are icky far as getting ToD, and days off right now are non-existant due to massive call volumes at RL job, bleh!))