Thursday, February 22, 2007

Want to see the DL?


Remember how I said we'd do a dry run of Xarcabard next? Well it happened. Dynamis is an interesting storyline. We gathered at the trail markings fully prepared to die multiple times. Our LS leader(s) [Vlacatocc does so much prep work, I'm truly impressed] ran through some basic strategy. We've managed to win Beaucedine the last 2 times so we have some people with access to Xarcabard. We fielded 37 people (one of the WHMs left the shells since he can't make the times often enough) so we went in with 36 (or so we thought). Turns out one of our BLMs didn't have the Beaucedine win so we went in with 35. Gotta love the CS with the multiple warp in to defeat the Dynamis Lord.

We managed to snipe a few eyes with 7 BLMs without any aggro and took out 2 time extensions without problems. Then we went on to the 15 NM demons. The BLMs sniped the eyes from behind then we moved to the front. Legos and Timuljin (NINs) would kite 2 of the NM demons while the alliance fought the third. Acreana (WHM) went to keep the kiters alive. Our first trio of NMs our kiters went down and so did the WHM, but we managed to beat them without any alliance wipes. And you know what? We managed to beat all 15 NM demons without any wipes. We got much better at them by the final trio.

Then we hit a spot with about 6 eyes in a row. The plan was for the BLMs to snipe them without drawing hate (this means all 7 BLMs needed to hit the eyes at the same time to kill them instantly, spawning the demons but no hate on any BLM). Managed to kill 2 eyes without problems. I lagged seriously on the 3rd eye and my macro didn't fire. Another BLM was a fraction late and that loosed an eye and about 9 kindred demons on the alliance. Back in the beginning of the shell that would have spelled wipe for sure. But you know what? Our RDMs were spot on with sleeps, the callers and DDs moved quickly to kill demons, and the BLMs helped out with sleepga II and nukes. And we managed to kill them all with just a few deaths (and everyone was so on the ball that I reraised in the middle of all that and didn't die). Unfortunately we couldn't snipe the other 3 eyes since they ahd spawned their NMs already so we took on another train of demons and killed them all. We were pretty high on our success at that point. A few members who had beaten the dynamis lord (like 2) and a few that had done Xarcabard before (but never seen the DL) were impressed.

We went to take on the Vanguard Dragons next. BLMs on the cliffs and the DDs below with Legos bringing each dragon. Those dragons were ridiculously weak to magic. So the BLMs had a field day just spamming nukes and killing them before they reached us on the cliffs. And before we knew it, all the Vanguard Dragons were down. We moved our way to Ying and Yang, the twin dragons that needed to be killed pretty quickly after each other otherwise the twin will summon the dead dragon back to full health. The alliance stayed away and the BLMs and BRDs went to Thundaga III them. I think we might have had a resist or two somewhere in there, but we managed to take Ying down in the first volley of nukes. Yang we had some problems as he raped the BLMs but the alliance helped out and the remaining BLMs nuked him as well and got him down.

Then this big puppy spawned (we had 20 minutes left on the run).

Now here was our situation. Thirty four people (one of the BLMs dc'd) who never thought we'd make it to the Dynamis Lord. We had figured we'd die multiple times getting used to the zone and probably wipe to one of the demon NM trios. But what the heck we decided to try to take him on. No one had icarus wings, opo necklaces, sleeping potions, etc. It was super fun. We managed to get chainspell stun for about 2 minutes but in the end he and his pet dragons (Ying and Yang reincarnated) raped us. We got DL to 80%. Not bad for a first run at Xarcabard with a smallish amount of people. And a great deal of fun too! We just need to optimize our damage and get more people to have access. Congratulations to Lorddocster (Duelist Chapeau), Timuljin (Koga Tekko), and Dukenukem (Valor Surcoat).


Did Temenos W tower with 12 people with Ruinous Omen. I love Limbus a lot. We did the animal tower.

Can you say unlucky? We got a single time chest in the whole tower. We managed to get up to the slime floor before we ran out of time. But it was super fun and a great group to go with. I managed to snag a coiled yarn for BRD AF+1. Tons of samurai pieces dropped (but no SAM in the LS). I got 4 ancient beastcoins (total of 40 dropped, would have been more if we got some time chests). From what I understand this is the most random of towers in terms of completing since it's dependant on how many time chests you get to randomly pop.


Managed to get Verrick to 56 in Alchemy. I went with Arizod's advice and hunted Lightning elementals where Behemoth spawns. Since Lightning weather is often up in Qufim areas this was a nice place. I went as WHM/BLM, but I think I can farm elementals much better as a BLM since spells do reiciculous amount of damage to elementals. Got about 10 clusters and meant to hunt scorpion claws to make venom dust to get to 60. The plan is to turn the venom dust to venom potions (On Brin, although Brin is past the cap for this one) and to turn those into Venom Bolt heads (cap of 76 so Brin will get skill ups). Then do X-potions for however many reishi mushrooms I have (Guankim gave me some a while back). Was initially going to do bloody boltheads to 81 but beastman blood is a lot. Might do polyflan instead if I can get enough chimera blood.


JOWAH said...

I'm still new at Dynamis, and I love it tho **
I've heard some horror stories about Dynamis-Xarcabard but I can't wait to get there ! =D
Also limbus is so fascinating to me. gogo Verrick, you're having lot of accomplishments lately, (Good Job!)

Eckardt said...

Oooh... Grats on your accomplishments. I wanna be able to go and do that one day. I wish I had more time >< 24 hours in a day isn't enough.

Guankim said...

Have yet to find a Dynamis shell my times...that Duelist's Chapeau I was *JUST* talking to Doc about the other day ironically, lol! I'm amused, talked it out of hiding for him, that's cool. :)

Grats on all that, keep up the good skilling, glad those shrooms will come to good use now.

Isadora said...

Well, i only show up for dynamis when i'm sure i have the time.. if you dug through my old posts, you'd know that i'm not fond of dynamis :P

To this end, i've joined a JP-led dynamis shell that only does one run per week, which takes place on sunday nights (sunday mornings for folks not living in the asia region).

Oh, some parts of Limbus are fun, but otherwise its like a mini-dynamis, minus maybe 30-40% lag since you're restricted to 18 people.

Limbus (Apollyon areas) looks just like Promy-zones, while Temenos is just a duplicate of the inner areas within Al'Taieu (e.g.Grand Palace of Hu'Hzoi), so it gets boring after a few trips..

Finally, there's some equally "so-gay-i-so-hate-SE" monsters in there, as usual >_>