Thursday, March 01, 2007


Most of the time crafting is an appendage to an update. Well this time around I get a big crafting headline and a smaller section devoted to a turtle.

For some reason the crafting bug has hit me again. Whether it's to pay for Dynamis and Limbus 2 x a week (about 140-150K a week) or whether I just want to subject myself to agony, I'm not sure. I stubbornly managed to get Verrick up to 60 in Alchemy on Scorpion Claws x 2 + Lightning Crystal --> Venom Dust. Then I faithfully made all those dusts into Venom potions (Lightning crystal + mercury + venom dust) on Brin. Mercury itself takes lightning crystals. So I plunked myself in my lightning crystal spot as a BLM, took up a good book, and farmed me up about 40 stacks of clusters. Aznmahavalio had graciously taken me up to level 70 on Anima synthesis for free (I donated a few mercury stacks). Arizod helped me farm up scorpion claws (I can kill the scorps in CN, but with a big Galka NIN/WAR by your side, they die a lot faster). I managed to make a ton of Venom boltheads to get to level 75.8. I took the Reishi mushrooms I had stored away and got one more level off of x-potions. Used a stack of beastman blood I had been hoarding to make some bloody bolt heads. I did try farming the blood, but found out it was totally worthless to do (didn't get a single blood in over an hour).

So I decided to make Polyflan. Unforunately you need Chimera blood (drops off of puks) and flan meat (off of flans). I kicked myself for all the times I NPC'd the blood (from parties in the thickets) and the flan meat (from manaburns). SO I resorted to asking LS people and buying off the AH (blood 7K a stack, meat 2-3K a stack) which is super cheap for a synth at this stage of the game. And guess what it takes lightning Managed to get to 77.3 with tons left to synth up (caps at 83). After this I plan to do holy leather to 87 so I've been farming rams as THF/RNG. But the biggest news is:

I finally have a crafting apron! Thank you to Kavita and Nojoke for synthing me weapons to turn into GP items since my smithing is far too low. Now Cooking I have the level for the apron, just not the GP. For Cloth and Leather I have over 100K GP, but not the requisite levels. I finally do feel like a craftsperson!


My social LS has made forays into Sky. We've killed some of the pop triggers and managed to get triggers to kill Genbu x 2. About 16 of us trekked up there, including 2 newish WHMs to sky (one 75, the other was 68). We managed to get the abjurations for zenith mitts x 2 (one to Snuggle, the other to Kniko), the abjuration to Koenig hands (to Snakegod) and a Genbu's shield (to Enedin). The fight wasn't too bad, but Genbu kept one shotting the NINs. Still I managed to scape through on BRD without any deaths. Not sure if I really want to keep doing it. There is nothing I really want from sky, nor would I be high on the priority list for anything. I suppose if I ever got COR up high enough, crimson finger gauntlets would be useful. *shrug*

Still very excited about the apron!


JOWAH said...

Whoa , Alchemist (as long with culinarian) apron is the sexiest one in the game whoaa XD
I'll get one one day too :/

Congratulations on your crafts, keep the good job up^^/

And sky adventures are cool :O I'm still new about Gods, but seems exciting!

Paul said...

I have GP saved up toward the apron, but... I think I'll end up spending a chunk of it on Anima Synthesis.

Congrats on the Alchemy leveling. I'm very very envious ^_^

Guankim said...

Grats on the levels and on Genbu...I'll get to sky eventually, hehe. Probably will get sea first, which will amuse me!