Monday, April 23, 2007

Zilart All Over Again

Zilart is going to be mashed in the middle of this post since it happened chronologically in the middle, so bear with me.

First I managed to snag a BLM testimony while helping someone complete LB3 and also hoping for a key so they could obtain their RDM AF. Now I have no illusions about getting a Maat cap (because that would mean I'd have to level a DDish job) but I hate to throw things away. So I decided, what the heck, let's just try the Old Man again. Went in without any preparation, just my normal BLM gear. Of course, it helps that I'm level 75, with a lot of +elemental magic skill, +int, +enfeebling skill, and merits. I did wait for Earthsday to pass so less chance of resist on Burst II. Walked up to him, Burst II followed by an ES + Sleep II. He managed to Manafront and cast Bio II on me before my Sleep II hit him. Then I followed up with a Freeze II. Results as below.

To my surprise there were several people in my social LS that did not have sky yet. They had just achieved level 75 and were interested in getting Sky as well as joining our frolic against the Sky Gods. So after being assured that they had all the CS done up to ZM4 we went farming unlit lanterns. Ashur (RDM/BLM), Demesis (WAR/NIN), Avinateri (PLD/WAR) and myself (WHM/NIN) went to various locations in the Temple of Ugglies and Den of Rancor to attempt getting these items. We were unsuccessful for about 2 hours. I managed to coax Dukenukem with this THF 45 to help us, and were unsuccessful for about another hour or so. Then I managed to corral Nojoke (THF 75 with TK) into coming (he had logged in the temple anyway camping pop item for TK). First Maledictor we fought, a latern dropped. The Second one we fought, a lantern dropped. Now Dukenukem had a lantern from before so all we needed was one more.

Disgusting isn't it? 3/3 Unlit Lanterns (when I did mine other people had the lantern already). So we saddled up to hit the BCNM. I changed to BLM/WHM for ES Sleepga II, Duke changed to PLD/NIN, and Kavita (WHM/BLM) consented to join us. I sent Ashur, Avinateri, and Demesis to Norg to do the Tonberry hate quest. Then all of use removed our hate (except Duke who never started the quest). I had made sure everyone had bought silent oils/prism powders and we traipsed out to Den of Rancor. Made it in one piece and entered the BCNM. Managed to defeat it with no problems (it is so much easier at level 75 than when I did it at level 60 WHM). Duke, Kavita, Ashur, and Avinateri had to log.

Demesis and I continued on because our LS leader had said if I got them through ZM5 he'd take them to sky. Nojoke came along because I planned to sacrifice him to the Ash Dragon and then raise him somewhere. Luckily I found a nice map online with the route (I still need a map of Ifrit's Cauldron) and we went through without too much of a problem. Demesis accidentally got Ice Crystals instead of Clusters so we had to patiently wait. The Ash Dragon was firmly against the far left wall so we managed without any aggro! We killed the NMs at Behemoth's Dominion, Ifrit's Cauldron, and Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. Celestial and Lorddocster took Demesis to the rest of the headstones (I needed food, sleep, and to craft sleeping potions for a LS person).

After Sky the next day (where we defeated Suzaku x 2 and Byakko x2 [finally one without a death and a leg dropping for a NIN]) I saw Demesis and Ashur nearing Ifrit's Cauldron (they had done all of the solo headstones for Ashur while we were skying). I dragooned Doc, Ashke, and Nojoke into going along without realizing that Ashur had shouted for a group in Aht Urghan Whitegate. I almost killed the DRK when he said he didn't have any more silent oils...grrrrr. Nonetheless we managed to do all the headstones again. Doc lead us to ZM6 and at that point Doc, Ashke, and NJ left our group.

So we had a PLD/WAR, DRK/WAR, WHM/SMN, RDM/BLM, WAR/NIN, and a BLM/WHM and vowed to get sky. ZM6 wasn't a problem at all. Unfortunately two of our members had thrown away their Delkfutt's Tower Key so they ran up the way. ZM8 was pretty easy with one death, the WAR, when Light Blade managed to go off. After all the requisite CSs we headed again to QSC. I suggested clearing out the worm so it wouldn't aggro us while we rested back for TP. Unfortunately someone popped the ancient vessel. The PLD ended up dying before we realized the vessel had popped so Demesis and the DRK took turns tanking. We managed to beat it and were off on our way to Sky. I took them through Ro'Maeve a couple of times for the CSs. Then I took them on a tour of sky.

Explained what aggro'd and how to use the Blue teleporters. I remember my first time there trying to figure out what people were telling me so I could get to Genbu and help out (at the time I hadn't done any sky gods and I was just guesting on shells because they wanted a BRD to help and friends had asked me). They were so excited. I had to rush to Limbus after.

I got bludgeoned into starting to raise a Chocobo. Ashke and Lorddocster both have black chocobos who have been groomed for speed and endurance. So I dutifully sent ShadowQueen (Ashke's Black Female) and FirecrackerFury (Doc's Black Male) on a Jeuno Date. My egg should be ready later tonight and then I have to figure out how to raise this chocobo. Probably going to use it mainly as a riding chocobo.

Hopefully I parent it well and it doesn't hate me ^^


raidenn said...

I wish I was in your server, Ive been looking for people to do that zilart mission with for a looooong time.

Paul said...

Yeah, me too. I want 6 and 8 done -_-; Although I'll probably rarely set foot in sky.

Guankim said...

Grats on the loads of running around, sounds like it was a fun trip ^^ Go go Maat's hat by 2008, haha! [Hide]