Thursday, April 19, 2007

Return to FFXI

After that disastrous Limbus run I took a nice two and a half week break from FFXI. Read a bit in my free time including my favorite fantasy series, Heralds of Valdemar and The Belgariad. Didn't have the will to re-read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

Upon returning Arizod and Gheldhart urged me to return to Limbus. I took an additional week to think about it and accepted. I did apologize to the shell for losing my temper that night. We're supposed to try Omega again sometime soon. I did manage to scrape together enough coins to get a musical earring (cheer!). That actually helped me land elegy on some of the sky gods with better regularity than before which I am happy about. Next up is the loquacious earring (another 75 coins).

I actually participated in the Easter Event this year. Mainly because I wanted the glowing egg. I pulled my other egg lamps out of storage. I was too lazy to randomly get eggs so I cheated and bought eggs from bazaars (I found them to be 500-2000g range since I did it near the end of the event). I had to get the egg helm first and then managed to grab my jeweled egg. I like them so much that I've left them permanently in my mog house for now.

I've been fooling around with .dats as well. I found Fausley's .dats for hume male which I use on my mules for their "naked" gear. I found a nice black and red chocobo as you can see from above. And I found the Link Costumes (I use Red Link for the tarutaru RSE and the Green Link for my field gear). And best of all, I found the moogle hoodie (by Strawberrie) and the pants with Taru on the side (I forgot who made it). .dat switching is fun.

I finally decided to get myself a relaxing earring for an additional +2 hMP. I did not know what I was getting myself into. I spent hours soloing the flowers of death. All in all I got about 30-40K exp doing this. I had Dukenukem along sometimes as BLM and sometimes as SMN. He managed to MPK me a bit (hehe) but we had a good time doing it. The drop rate is horrible. But I finally managed to snag the earring!

I tried my hand at mining in Halvung and Mt. Zhalyom. Halvung is like Ifrit's Cauldron and to my chagrin I died a bit. Mostly carelessness (e.g. forgetting bombs aggro'd to magic). The mining was o.k. but since I can't take on the trolls solo it does leave many mining points out of reach. I think I prefer Mt. Zhalyom. I managed to dig up a gold ore (5K), a couple of troll armor (about 2K), moblin armor (desynth them), demon horn (4K), and some Aht Urghan brass (5K). I desynthed one moblin armor into a gold ingot (25K), and had enough brass to sell 3 separately and make one ingot (20K). So it was an ok haul. Harder than making Yagudo Drinks, but somewhat entertaining.


Enedin said...

Finally another post! The only word that comes to mind...


JOWAH said...

Glad to see you're back again ^_^
I missed you é_è!! Now start to post again lot of tales of your taru! :DDD!!!

Isadora said...

aye, been hanging around to see your latest update :P

Nice bunch of gear obtained, congratulations (somewhat belated) are in order :)

Yep, DAT swaps are fun; i think i'll quit ffxi the day if SE bans this "feature" on PC versions lol

Heralds of Valdemar - i like this series very much too; i've managed to read as much as mercedes lackey's novels as i could find in the library over the past few years , though i'm missing out on the latest ones :P

I'd readily confess too that i'd rather not re-read the WoT series (yep i have the series up till book 9 at home too!) again ;)

IMHO only the bits on Rand, Mat & the Dark Ones are nice. The girls / Aes Sedai mumbo-jumbo unfortunately bore me to tears.

Ciermel said...

Glad to see an update! ('-') wb verrick ;P

raidenn said...

aww cute!

Eckardt said...

Welcome back to the madness. Your friends missed you.