Monday, May 28, 2007

Hero Among Heroes


After 180K worth of Chocolixers, GhostWhisper finally managed to learn Canter. The difficulty with Canter is you can't learn the story until you reach the adult stage. My mistake was doing the choco whistle quest. I think until you find the hankerchief, you only get those CS and don't get the random chance to meet Brutus. I had to learn a different story first on my long walks. Then the game wouldn't let me meet Brutus for a while. I was anxious to learn the canter story because I wanted to shift my chocobo plans to physical attributes, instead of focusing on discernment (wanted high discernment to learn the abilities).

So now GhostWhisper will be delivery packages and getting Vomp Carrots. Hopefully he turns out to be a moderately fast Chocobo. Not sure if I will raise another one. Have quite a bit of ways to go.

Bastok Missions

After waiting for people to catch up on missions, then to see them zoom past me and complete them all without asking me along, I finally started back up on Bastok Missions. Avinateri (PLD/WAR), Forbiddenhate (MNK/NIN), Ashur (RDM/BLM), Akiracobalt (WHM/SMN), Volander (BLM/RDM), and Ashke (WHM/BLM) made up the main crew. Ashur and Ashke had finished the bastok missions and had come along to help. We started from mission 7-2 and had planned on basically getting rank 8 at least.

It was quite an interesting storyline. You got to learn more about the Galka race and their unique rebirthing. Zeid, the DRK, plays a large role in the storyline.

Our 7-2 battle went very smoothly. I guess there is something to say about being level 75. The main thing that held me up was needing to find 6 other Bastokers to do this with, which sometimes proved difficult. Mission 8-1 and 8-2 proceeded very well.

Our main snag was on mission 9-1. I had recruited Dukenukem and Kael to help out (both BLMs) as we had to defeat the miraculous multiplying slimes. Dwyana (WHM) came along as well. I sneak popped it and Ashur slept it and we brought it back to camp. We actually managed to kill the slimes with only one death (poor Kael). On our way to get the ??? to finish the mission Volander managed to lose his sneak in 5 seconds and continued to run into the skeletons. Of course he dies and can't complete the mission. So we rest him to full and send him out to pop the ??? to do it all over again. Wouldn't you know it, his sneak manages to somehow wear again right after he hits the ??? so he proceeds to die, and so does Ashur.

So we tractor them both back from the pool and raise and redo. This time Volander managed to keep his sneak up and pop the slimes. We managed to kill them again and he managed to get to the pool without his sneak wearing. I didn't want to take any chances and I escaped him from the pool while the others escaped from our fighting site.

So we decided to go for Rank 10! Thanks to Akiracobalt who remembered how to get to the Throne Room! We took on Zeid and his shadows. It was actually quite a quick fight. The storyline, however, was very interesting! The end CS was a bit touching as you got to hear the opinions of people about living and being from Bastok.

Quite excited actually. I have my nation flag and about 104K worth of CP to spend. I'll probably get an Aketon for my mule to he can run faster to the alchemy guild. I'm not sure if I want to change nations. I kind of want to see the storylines, but I don't want to lose all my OP warps. It took me forever to get some of them, although I would presume it'd be easier with Windurst or San d'Oria. Bastok is usually last, sometimes second place in conquest. And it took a while before we actually got control of some of the regions. We'll see!


JOWAH said...

WHAAA Congratulations on Rank 10! Something I'm still looking forward to!
I hate how rank is underrated nowadays, and the difficulty to find people willing to raise it :(
I'm still stuck @8.2, sooo want Rank 10 ; ;!

I woulndt change nation as well due the OP thing.....since if you switch back to your original one they still will be lost forever, it sucks.

raidenn said...

Woo grats!

Paul said...

Congratulations on 10!

And yeah, I'll probably never switch if I get to that rank. >.>