Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anna's More Idiotic Twin?


GhostWhisper has finally grown up! And he turned out to be a fine specimen of a black chocobo. He's at above average discernment and receptivity now. Have to go on a couple of long walks to learn the canter story and then teach it to him. Hopefully then I can get him to a moderately fast chocobo. I did get the hankerchief finally to get my chocobo whistle to call him to the field. But his str/endurance is poor, so I doubt I'll be riding him soon. Once I ride him though, expect that top picture of mine to change!

A person more idiotic than Anna?

See this and judge for yourself:

My friend Arizod had logged on in the middle of the night and got accepted into an experience party. I had been planning on getting some exp on elementals in sky when he was telling me about some deaths of the WHM. Curious, I trudged out to the Mire to watch.

Here's the kicker, the mire was empty except for their party and they could not get above a chain #5 if any. And here's the reason why. Party set up was MNK/NIN, MNK/WAR, SAM/WAR, NIN/WAR, WHM/?, and ... RDM/BRD. Aliesha was the RDM/BRD, in the mire, meleeing with full errant gear and MP rings with a lust dagger. She sat on 500 MP and did not haste anyone/buff anyone. The SAM had to pull as she was busy whiffing. When they had links she didn't sleep anything allowing the MNK and WHM to die. Not that the WHM was spectacular (they didn't haste anyone either nor remove silence) but at least they did cure. Half the time, Aliesha was resting away from the fight and essentially just leeching. When Arizod told me she was bragging how good she was, I had to laugh.

I ended up sort of PLing them ... as a BRD/WHM. Yes, I lullabied their links, cured, and removed statuses. It was totally pathetic. The SAM/WAR, MNK/WAR, RDM/BRD, and WHM were in the same LS. The MNK/NIN had enough of dying and replaced himself with a WAR/NIN (who appeared to be confused as to the party as well). Eventually Aliesha changed to RDM/WHM and stopped meleeing. But ... she rarely threw haste out and never did sleep anything. After Arizod and the WAR got a merit, they bailed. The other four stayed in the Mire.

Now I thought no one could compare with Anna in terms of sheer idiocy. But I think Aliesha might take the cake. And she brags she's skillful? And that she's on the way to Maat's cap. If you're on Garuda, I'd avoid her. She's useless. Could she have had a bad day? I suppose so. Could she have been fooling around with LS members? Yes, but when you invite someone outside the LS for an exp party, you do your job. And if you're going to melee, at least put on meleeing gear! Especially since she wasn't doing anything remotely magical.


After 2 long years I have finally managed to ... cap my healing skill! Now I have all blue numbers. Thanks to Hachi for needing LB2 and letting me get my skill up on the Boreal Tiger!


Ciermel said...

=/ I don't know why so many rdm's enjoy ruining the job's reputation, (probably) relying on the fact that good/bad rdms usually get invites just as fast>.< Just the other day I was in PT with a rdm/nin (~45ish) who didn't melee actually but when he was questioned about his SJ choice... he said /nin is good to absorb damage <_<; but how can a crappy rdm like him pull hate in the first place? lawl =P

maiev said...

whoa melee rdm still exists? :D Damnit I shuold rdm/nin start swinging that kclub on Imps for massive AoE silence :)

Comedy post <3 I like it xD

Guankim said...

Ayah.... another RDM with a bad review. I think it hits RDMs a lot due to the fact that we're often a swing point that could make a good party great, or a good party mediocre, much like a good bard.

It's a very important job role that can affect a lot of things, and yes, the bad ones do stand out. Typically you'll hear of bad mage/support #1, bad tanks #2, and bad to never xD (not counting those that decide to help heal themselves /RDM >.>)

Grats on the Rank 10, I'm waiting for the picture of the flag since I never could get a decent pic of mine, hehe.