Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Return of the Dreaded R0

So ... social LS decides to invade sky. Farming triggers and such. Killing the gods one by one until we kill Kirin. Hours in sky. *sigh* Anyways. On Saturday we attempted to do Divine Might. A couple of us had already finished. Our shell has quite a few new people to sky and 75 so we decided to try. It was not a pretty sight. Thing got miscommunicated, BLMs died left and right so we couldn't help nuke the AAs. The melee couldn't take them down fast enough. Needless to say we went 0/3. Now ... we go after Kirin. Of course after 3 DM, people are tired and decide to leave. So we have quite a few new people to sky/gods and some of the more experienced people had left. For support we have 2 RDM/DRKs and 2 WHM/SMNs. Ouch.

Actually the beginning didn't go too badly at all. We killed Suzaku, Byakko, and Seiryu without many problems. However, our kiting party (yes we don't have the fancy toys and jobs to kill Kirin super fast) died when Genbu popped. For some reason Genbu was not being cooperative and he took a bit to go down. So we had to raise the tanks and kite Kirin. That battle was super long. Another LS (one with Blayden in it, from our social shell, I think TrueVirtue) came in and helped a little with some raising.

Now I'm definitely not an endgame BLM. I have no elemental magic merits, not all the fun nuking toys. I get resisted a lot on Kirin. But every time elemental Seal is up, Tornado II does about 1.1K damage and Aeroga III does about 800-900. So I get to kite him for a while. Our problem is our BLMs are not really focused on BLM. For most of us, it was a second or third job and our merits are in other places. Our MNK/WHM Chi Blasted about 1500 every time, and our 2 SMNs tossed out 500-800 damage consistently. Our two poor WHMs were running around trying to heal people and raise people. We died so much. Much different from our first Kirin fight where it went much smoother (I think it's because our whole tanking party died and it was super chaotic).

After much death, running around, reraising, etc. (I was running around weakened with my black cloak, healing the NIN kiter while the WHMs ran around raising people) we managed to down Kirin. And he dropped ... a shining cloth (all our WHMs have noble tunics already, most of us had them before we entered the shell, but the 2 new ones got it from cloths from our first Kirin and from Suzaku?Seiryu? I forget who drops one), Damascus Ingot, and 2 wind crystals. No pole, no leg abjuration, no body abjuration, no Osode ; ;

Blayden's shell asked if we could help to kill their summons, but they asked in say and I missed it until most of us were gone. But I decided to help out and asked if Lorddocster and Nojoke could stay. I'm not sure why they decided to pop Kirin when they were <20 people. But they did. When the summons started coming, the RDMs enfeebled but no BLMs were nuking. So I started to nuke gently against Byakko and Seiryu. Turns out their BLMs were AFK *sigh*. This ended up with the kiting party dead, most of us dead, and Kirin with Genbu and Suzaku out. It was a comical tractor raise, tractor raise, die, tractor raise for a long time. Hale died and reraised so many times, I felt bad. Amazingly we managed to kill Suzaku and Genbu while kiting Kirin. Then settled into the longest Kirin fight ever. So many deaths. And not even for my LS ; ;

In the end I was 16K down for the whole day. It was painful. So I decided to try and recoup my losses over the next few days, a few K here and there. Last night with Eckardt, I went to Mount Zhalyom duoing princes. Through the night we had several R0/time outs which were annoying. The worst was when I was about 900 tnl, the mob had a sliver of health and R0 for both of us. I log back in dead. I was so annoyed. So now I'm 1.5K to capping.


My chick hatched and I named him GhostWhisper. Assuming he'll be black, but you never know. I watched him dutifully as an egg over 100x and he hatched regarding me as his parent. I've been feeding him carrot paste and some greens (he likes the sour ones). I take him on daily chocobo walks and watch over him. He gets to listen to music. Hopefully I can get his discernment up so he can learn stories, then raise his physical attributes. Plans are to be able to ride him. You have to love the butt wiggle they do when they are happy to see you no? Just a few more days (currently day 14) before I see what the tips of his feathers are. Hopefully with a Black Chocobo Father and a Black Chocobo Mother he'll turn out to be a Black Chocobo. I was tempted to make his name from the different parts of his parents ... but the only acceptable one would have been ShadowFury. I did not like ShadowFirecracker (too long as well), QueenFury, or QueenFirecracker (too long as well I think).

Been trying to grow Z. Carrots and V. Carrots. Have had much more success with the Z. Carrots. Sometimes I hate gardening.

Tried Camp Kweh with Guankim's Chocobo. Cute CSs.


Eckardt said...

R0 is evil. Not once, not twice, but 3 times. Oh well, one more night and you'll be recapped for us to lose most of it again this coming weekend. Yay o_O.

Cute choco... won't be starting my third one til I come back from vacation, but I'm not sure if I wanna invest that much time on one again :/

Guankim said...

Hehe, poor little birdies ^^; Mine got a day skipped when I changed schedule. But I'm glad I started it at 3AM, so it changes over while I'm at work now, hehe.

And blah on Kirin, that was long the first time, I can only imagine the 2nd one you stayed for being..ouch. O.o