Thursday, May 17, 2007

Proud Papa!


GhostWhisper has grown up to an adolescent.

Based on the tip colors I think he's going to turn out to be a black chocobo. I've been feeding him a green (he likes the sour ones) and a Z. Carrot to boost his discernment. He managed to learn gallop after 2 story tellings. I have to wait until he's an adult before I can get the canter story and teach it to him. After that he gets to go on a physical diet/exercise regiment of V. Carrots and package delivering. He's doing really well. So far he's only got sick once. Thanks to all the handy advice from Ashke, Eckardt, and Kavita! When GhostWhisper has to be retired, I might like a blue chocobo ... a discerning one.


We've fought Proto-Omega a total of 3 times. Ruinous Omen 2 Proto-Omega 1. The first time we went in with about 12 people and disaster. The second time went much smoother and we managed to get Homam parts for Eldercid and Dubajaba. The third time it went really well with only a few deaths. And this is what we saw when we opened the crate.

The melees were panting over Omega's Heart! Loren ended up winning the lot on the body piece. Kenne and Puretaru got the other parts. I think Aznmahavailo and Carolann are up for the next Omega pieces. Gheldhart and I are still waiting to do Ultima for our shot at armor.

Meanwhile we continue to do the regular zones with much better efficiency. Our first Apollyn NW, we skipped mini-Faf and barely managed to kill Kaiser Behemoth. Last night we took on mini-Faf (2nd time doing so). Notice how many mages (on the right foot) and how many melee (on the left foot). We managed to kill him and Kaiser Behemoth with a lot of time to spare. Damn we're getting better. The only zone we sometimes don't win is the Tremenos one with the enhanced mobs. We get screwed if we don't get an early time chest to pop.

I'm enjoying Limbus. It's one of the few times I get to play WHM. In fact, I finally got ShellraV. I managed to coerce Aznmahavailo to come farming in sea with me. Instead of 1-2 organs (or more frequently 0) in 3-4 hours, we got about 11-12 in about 1.5 hours. Damn TH3 seems to work at least for that! I got my dark obi. Now I need to work on organs and tissues for the light obi and the ice obi at least. If I got the BLM AFv2 pants, I might try for the other obis as well.

Notorious Monsters

The Sky LS is going well. I can't make it to most farming sessions, but I can make it to the gods themselves. Our last foray we did Byakko x 2 (only one pants dropped), Suzaku x 2, Seiryu x 1, and Genbu x 1 (damn turtle didn't drop my shield yet). Suzaku tends to give us the most headaches since we don't always have a RDM/DRK for chainspell stun. We end up shadowbinding but sometimes people disengage a little late or stay right next to the god while it's shadowbound and end up dying. Kirin is up for this Saturday. I hope we have enough people so it's not a super long fight again.

I managed to snag a Jelly Ring as well. Lorddocster was soloing with NPC as a NIN and Sewer Syrup popped. I left sky (where I was duoing with Eckardt on Enkidus) and got there fast. We were forbidden to help (Doc was taking on Sewer Syrup and a Mousse) because he wanted to see if he could solo it. And solo it he did, and I got my Jelly ring! Now if the shield drops I can have -15% damage reduction when I solo as WHM.

On a side note I like soloing in Sky on Elementals or Enkidus. I get useful things (crystals, mercury, mythril ore) to sell or use. The exp isn't too bad. And it's not crowded at all!


I was asked to make a few more sigs for the LS. I can't come up with a good idea for one of my own. But I think these turned out ok. Not super fancy, but I never claimed to be a graphic artist. I leave that to Jowah ^^


Ciermel said...

So you're going for a black chocobo? :) At first I wanted my first one to be green, but after seeing what hideous shade of green they use I think I'll get myself a blue one <_<;

Darrett said...

Yeah, the green is kind of ugly. I want a Blue one maybe. The people that told me I had to raise a choco both had Black chocobos that I bred from...hehe, so I didn't have much of a choice. But Black is good.

Guankim said...

Hopefully yours goes black, as my black from 2 blacks with abilities came out to be a yellow with no abilities. /cry LOL. Oh well, I have the two greens to try next, I'll see what happens.