Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Craftaholic and Zombie Goblins


I've managed to snag myself the Alchemy Furniture: Emeralda! So now I'm 92.8 +3 officially. I got Kavita to make me some consoles with 6 lightning energy and 4 storage spaces to activate the mog enhancement: Alchemy Skill. I can change to water energy if I need to for alchemy based water synthed. I'm so estatic. Just 3 more alchemy tools and I'll have everything. Probably doing Iatrochemistry first.

I get nervous when people ask me to synth expensive things. Case in point the Hakutaku Eye clusters. Ever since I crit broke the first one I ever tried I've been shy about it. Two LS members need it synthed so I got them to come on lights day. Luckily I was successful both times. I'm glad they had faith in me.


We did dynamis-jeuno without our illustrious leader Vlacatocc since his computer is busted. So us old foggies joined up to take lead. Not a single DD wanted to call, so I got assigned as a WHM/NIN to do the calling. The BLMs lead and our sole NIN pulled. Our sole PLD voked the statues. We eventually won. But the MegaBoss came with a train of mobs so we wiped after killing the boss. The mobs glitched on the stairs however, so we had a hard time raising. SO we decided to call the GM. This is what I saw next.

Someone managed to call the GM and he came, invisible, and insta-killed all the mobs. I didn't realize what had happened and turned around seeing dead mobs. It was so odd. The weirdest one was the zombie BST NM. He was killed, but kept jumping up and summoning a slime. This slime would disappear in a few secs but it got caught in a sleepga or 2 so we had to nuke it a couple times to kill it.

I ended up with the BRD slippers. No currency, which sucked. I did manage to finally cap my club skills while calling though ^^

Notorious Monster

I met my old nemesis the Dune Widow while trying to get mythril beast coins. I claimed her but didn't get the drop. Later the day I was running through the area again and she popped after I killed a few spiders. This time I got the drop! I promptly put the torque up on the AH for a slightly inflated price of 300K. And it sold. Life was sweet.

Note: Fully updated sidebar now, I think.


JOWAH said...

Omg a GM in dyna! I would like to see more screenie of that XD
Did those mob dropped coins or what?

Also a big congrats for you Alchemy mule :3 Guild items are sooooooo awesome! My highest craft is cooking 33 :( I feel gimp

Also thanks for the nice things you wrote in my page. I am just sad you find Kerby an ass :(

Ciermel said...

amagad That's one great looking piece of furniture! ('-') I wish model viewer would allow you to see MH furnishings too, at least I'd be a little more motivated to have something else in there other than a mannequin and {event} items for desynth support! @_@

Eckardt said...

OMG Crafting Determination... can I steal some off you. :P

I don't have the patience most of the time nowdays to just continually make the same thing over and over. Especially once you hit the GP levels cause then everything actually is expensive to make, unless you *gasp* farm them yourself.

Guess that is incentive for me to level THF... but... we'll see.

And just to make trouble... you should make a choco stats section (*shielding head*)