Tuesday, June 26, 2007



On a whim I decided to grab some giant bird feathers after choco racing. There was only enough for 3 synths (at the price I was willing to pay). Not expecting much I sat down to synth them on ice day with moon at about half. My first synth I got a 0.1 skill up. I was so darn excited. Next synth nothing. Then I was rushing through the last synth so I could go mule equipment to someone in the LS and I saw the above. Estatic! The icarus wing hell is now over! In celebration I put my last wing up for 1 gil to give someone a cheap wing. It sold for 8K (going price is 10-12K). Don't worry, the wing prices after me jumped back up.

Not exactly sure my route from now. All that push for the GP and 6 levels of icarus wing hell has left me a bit drained. I think my next route will be the panacea (yay for 13-15K philosopher stones) [cap 98] which will then be used to make platinum nuggets x9 [cap 96]. But it will be slow going since philosopher stones can't be farmed and only got through BCNMs. I figured the fireworks [cap 97] was too ridiculous esp with a rainbow thread in the recipe plus artifical lenses and glass fiber and won't sell for much. I think with the nuggets I might come out break even, small loss, or even small profit depending how much I get the stone for and how much the platinum leaf sells for. After that cantrella to 99 (depending on the availability of fresh orc liver) and pro-ether/sun water to 100. Sun water doesn't sell much, but at an insane profit. Pro-ether is more of a small loss/break even venture. One day I'll be 100+3 (100+6 with advanced support).


I managed to get GhostWhisper's STR to Firstclass and END to Outstanding. Tonight is day 64 where care plans cease to mean much. I've been choco racing like a mad fiend and spending lots of gil to get this choco's stats up (I messed up a few times while raising). Not sure if I should pour gil into getting his discernment up to a decent level. Even if his STR and END outclass the "super chocobos" in the races I still can't seem to beat them, even using a speed apple. It's so discouraging sometimes.

I'm thinking of trying chocobo digging out sometime. If anything to relieve my frustration with crafting at times. I still want to try clamming out as well. I might raise another chocobo, but this time going for the MIND stats. I'd like it to be red so I suppose I must search for a red male and female chocobo, preferably with one of the digging abilities.


Moe said...

Congrats Man, now come to my server and craft me some stuff >.>

Guankim said...

Nice ^^ LordAmatsukaze is a nerd bird. First-class receptivity, Burrow & TF. On another note I sent you random flan meat and chimera blood...dunno if you still needed it, LOL