Monday, July 23, 2007

Sin Hunting: Or I Never Thought I'd Ever End Up Here

Take a look at the jobs to the left. WHM was my first 75. Then came BRD. Then came BLM. RDM was on par to be my next job to 75. Had even toyed with the idea of COR being my next job. What do all these jobs have in common (well except for BLM)? They are support jobs. Now BLM really isn't a support job, but it is magey. Now what does this have to do with anything? Well. Remember my post about trying to get RNG to level 37 before I would go back to COR (since my RDM is sort of stalled in a very slow moving semi-static)? Well, I managed to get RNG up to 37. And beyond.

It started out kind of haphazardly. Aurridaur was getting together a party in the jungles made up of level 24-26s. I had jokingly told Guankim that if they wanted to wait an hour I could go (since I'd have to mule and buy a lot of things). Apparently Guankim didn't realize it was a joke, and told Aurridaur I was going to go. So I scrambled around looking for gear. Wouldn't you know it, Aurridaur dc'd right as we were about to start. So we went on without him. Got to about level 26 or so. The next night Guankim (BLU), Eckardt (NIN), Nlsmo (THF), and I continued on from the night before. We gathered some more people (including a very odd JPN THF that told Eckardt that he spoke funny) and managed to go on until Guankim fell asleep. I think we hit around 29 or so.

Then Lorddocster stepped into the picture. For those who don't know my LS leader, he is a leveling fanatic when he gets his teeth into it. He, for some reason, wants SMN to 75 (I think it does more consistent, hate-free damage than his BLM). He had been in a SMN static, but they were not moving fast enough for him. So he picked up myself (RNG), Eckardt (NIN), Nlsmo (THF) and we went back to the jungles. He had his brother's character to heal us. We picked up a WHM (I think) and managed to get to about 30ish. Then we continued on till about 32 as a foursome and broke for the night. I had been trying to get Eckardt to borrow NIN equipment and he finally did. Unfortunately Guankim couldn't make our HI times (so his BLU has been left behind ; ;).

Along the way we hit Garlaige Citadel (Muloki joined us as PLD for a bit; Mhisty on SMN for a bit; Gravvick as BLM for a bit) and Gustav Tunnel (again Muloki as PLD for a bit). In Gustav Tunnel we picked up Badray (as NIN) and proceeded merrily to 41 there. Somehow the RNG ends up pulling, not the THF. That makes my pulling experience as a THF, RNG, COR, and BRD, ugh! We manage to go to Western Altepa Desert with Badray changing to WHM. So our static now consists of Verrick (RNG), Eckardt (NIN), Badray (WHM), Lorddocster (SMN), and Nlsmo (THF). We try to pick up a RDM and the ones we have had in Gustav Tunnel and the desert have been exceptional! We've also had some LS members scome in for spells like Fey (RDM) and Choupuchoupu (BLM).

So, now I'm standing on a RNG 41 and realize I have to do AF. Ranger is kind of annoying since you can complete AF1 during the Full Moon. I manage to grab the glittering sand and we proceed to kill in Western Altepa Desert until Full Moon arrives. We take a break and I whisk to Junger Forest to complete the CS (saw Dahoman at the same tree!). On one of my free times I manage to solo all 3 of my coffer keys needed for AF (Garlaige, Monastic Cavern, and Crawler's Nest) the shrotest in 3 fights, the longest in 7 fights. We've managed to hit up to level 46/47 and will be resuming nightly statics for now.

I've been reading up on RNG a lot. I've decided to do mainly xbow for experience unless acid bolts don't stick or holy bolts added effect doesn't proc. I've managed to get a hold of a parser and consistently parse about 90-93% ranged accuracy. Usually doing about 28-35% of the party damage total. Keeping my archery capped though too. And I'm having a BLAST! Also I'm throwing away a lot of gil, but it's still fun. The added effect of Holy bolts really add up and the best part is the added effect doesn't accrue hate! I'm able to SC with the THF and occasionally barrage. It's so nice not having to scramble for a tank (and read up on Eckardt's journal e.g. DJDigital for his take on NIN).

The only other annoying thing about RNG is getting the "top notch" equipment. I've basically not thought about guns yet (thinking if I have to go as RNG to big events but I doubt it since my BRD, WHM, or BLM will probably be wanted). But the top bow consensus (other than relic) is the E.bow or V.bow (the rare/ex version of the E.bow). However, the E.bow is about 2.3 mil on AH. I've yet to try the BCNM60 for it. The Rare/ex version is a Fei-Yin pop from 16-24 hours or so and I'm not crazy enough to do that. So what do do?

Go after the 2nd best bow, the S.bow. Now this mob can only be spawned during Full moon (white Coney) or New Moon (Black Coney). It turns out that New Moon was right when I logged in. So after doing some assaults I head up to Ulereguard Range (Sp?) with Demesis (WAR) in tow and a stack of San d'Orian Carrots. Cerene (RDM), Alinaaset (WHM), Thorhammer (PLD), Kattsu (THF), and Aznmahavailo (NIN, then THF) joined us. We managed to get all the pops in a 3 hour period (and that rabbit footprint moves bloody fast 5-10 secs so need a trade macro) much to the sadness of another group of people camping it. In those 2 hours we had 2 bows drop. One for me and one for Aznmahavailo. Cerene didn't want to stay and try for his bow, but I'm more than willing to help out again.

So after that I decided to go after the O.Bow. I was killing Goblins slowly as WHM/NIN. Was there for about 2 hours and no pop. Lorddocster came down to chill with me and we proceeded to kill all the gobs for another 4 hours. We were winding down (him to shower, me to bed) when all of a sudden the darn NM pops. I pulled and kept it busy until Doc came back. Things were going well until an EES killed doc and the NM flattened me. Of course then another NIN and a BRD came strolling up. We managed to reraise (with LordValour's help; doc was dual boxing another WHM). Doc pulled the NM and another gob and then proceeded to suicide with the gob behind a lot of other goblins right when the other NIN was drawing his katanas. That gave us time to regroup and the other NIN and BRD just left. We proceeded to pull him again and this time made short work. And I got my O.bow!

So no more bow hunting forever! Just need to keep gear up to date! I also managed to sign some Hawker Knives for myself (using Brin), no +1 though ; ; I still can't believe how much fun I'm having with RNG.


Guankim said...

Awesome job, guys. Congrats on the new bows and rapid leveling!

Moe said...

I'm a little jealous but happy to say that Selenes is all you'll need for a long time. I think the Full mooon is some crazy +acc. And New moon is some crazy +Ratt. Enjoy it man. Just remember you are a paper tank. Don't stick your neck out to much when pulling.

Faulsey said...

2 things Verrick.


2.YOU are NOT awesome 1337 because you have a fickin selene's bow, and I would sacrifice a small Elvaan child for one.

No, wait, make that any elvaan, of any height or age.

It's only a giraffe (wo)man, no one would miss it.

Actually, I'm sure my LS would help if I asked, but, I kinda can't get on the game right now, eheh.

Faulsey said...

(Oohh.. Addition to the above. I'd sacrifice ANY elvaan BUT Alshandra.

Can't be too careful, never know when she'll pop up. ;) -angelic look-)

Yay posting in wee hours of the mornin!

T'was a braw, moonlicht nicht the nicht! :)

Ciermel said...

Hey ('-')b
Good luck with your ranger! Hell, you guys even get to wear illegal weed on your AF hats... *whistles innocently* w

Fade said...

Wow I didn't know you were leveling RNG. I guess that's why I haven't seen you for a while. I'm sure that you will be able to come RNG for stuff like Kirin where it outdamages BLM.

manik said...

which all bows you use? i love recurve bows

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