Friday, July 13, 2007

Signature Maker Part III

Side Note:

Been busy these past 2 weeks and haven't really caught up with what the heck is going. Social shell --> Sky shell --> HNM aspirations. Now social shell had initially branched off to a dynamis shell (separate from social) which has been going for about a year now. We've cleared the 4 starting cities and Beceadine (sp?). Got our first Buburimu clear the other day. Just don't seem to have the numbers for Dynamis-Xacarbard which is why we've been clearing the cities for people again. However, now the Sky shell metamorphosed into a proposed HNM shell with people from Shiva (I'm still meeting all of them). LS leader wants to merge the HNM shell with the Limbus and Dynamis shells and restrict them to members of the HNM shell only (apparently had issues with another LS that we used to do Kirin with coming into our shell to get ToD). I'm sad about this because I really enjoyed the Dynamis shell and the people in it, honestly. I do Limbus separately due to time commitments. I'm sad that the Dynamis shell is breaking and I didn't want this. And I know people are not happy about this after working so hard this past year. But I got outvoted by the majority (partly I haven't really been playing/keeping up on website due to being busy). Now it remains to see if the Valour shell people come to Dynamis.

In leiu of more earthshattering news here are some recent sigs I've made:

and my own:

I can't seem to muster up the enthusiasm to make myself a sig. Anyone want to give it a shot?


Eckardt said...

Yeah the merge news was a bit of a shock to me too... Thing is I still can't make the events (damn living in the wrong time zone can be such a pain). I'm wondering how that's going to affect my "karma" status and such since if they're all grouped together, I would never have time to do anything else but that HNM events (Sky, Dynamis, Kings, etc) without worrying about jeopardizing my status. But since I'm new and have only been going on the Saturday runs due to timing restaints, I didn't think I would have much of a say there :) I'm still very greatful that everyone has been nice enough to let me "tag along" and have been so supportive with me being so newbish up there.

And you were right, it is fun to do em, just hard to get up that early every day lol.

And since you're making siggies again, can you update mine? LOL. When you have time that is... actually maybe wait a week or so, things might change.

Moe said...

Bah, even I know endgame is a nasty thing. I don't know the people involved Verrick, but these kinds of things usually happen with greedy leaders or lieutenants. Be wary my friend.
Now on a happy note: AWESOME SIGS! Good to see someone made the moogle hoodie male compatible. If I may say though the um...monk Elvaan's name is hard to read for me at the very least. In light of my difficulty with that sig I love the posing and the background. I must beg you for the background art and permission to use it.

Enedin said...

I don't really know how to feel about this... We've spent so much time building Dynamis karma with the same members, and now everything is merging. Dynamis karma is worth so much more than our regular karma, wishlist priorities will become obsolete (the current dynamis ones) and lots of ppl will leave.

But then again, new members will join, and it'll only be a short time before we'll get used to it. I don't foresee any difficulties, but lots of frustration amongst partial members.

From now on: either you're LOH, or you're not. Meaning that if you're in the USA, you are royally screwed IMO.

We'll see how it'll work out in September.

Guankim said...

Great siggys, and I'm at the just waiting and see point with the merger, though I support it b/c it makes a lot of sense, I'll further reply to Ene.

@Enedin -- ; ; USAness ; ; And yesh, I was kinda worried about it, I can see how it's a good idea overall, but I honestly don't think my 5 events a month will be very useful to either the LS or me...and going with some other group that might do it is now out of the picture. Hrm.

Judda y MrPink said...

Liked your blog
I made my own one but is in spanish because i'm from an Latin Linkshell in Valefor Server anyway u can tae a look too n_n
Nice to meet you !!!