Friday, August 31, 2007

Gone from Vanad'iel for a Time

Well, folks. The reason I haven't posted much is that I'm in the process of moving from Oahu to Hilo (a different island in the Hawaiian Chain). I'm going to be losing my net connection until September 19th. Been busy packing and cleaning so not much going on.

Valour is doing well. Claimed KB and they killed it. Unfortunately their in EU hours so I don't do much king camping (since I'm about 12 hours behind them). If not for Valour growing out of my social shell, though, I probably wouldn't do any endgame activities. I'm going to be sad if the Cleric's Briault drops in Dyna when I'm gone. I've been lusting after that piece for the past year in Dyna.

Quick Updates:

RDM has made it to 63. With some horrible parties and some really nice parties. It can get stressful playing RDM at times.

The NIN, BRD, and RNG static made it to level 64 before I have to leave. I'm having fun with my S.Bow and shooting silver bullets. It's costing me a fortune though. I haven't really made time to make gil, so I'm down to about 380K on Verrick and about 4.4 mil on Jorn. So sad.

My next job would be COR. I have the crimson hands waiting for me for RNG and COR. Just got to get my mitts on Seiryu's Kote for RNG and work on assault pieces. My COR was stopped at 41 because at the time my RNG was stalled at 21. I would never have believed I'd enjoy RNG so much. But looking forward to going back to COR, esp with the Steel bullets (hopefully they become cheaper), enlarged AoE and improved buffing capabilities. Should be fun!

That's about it from my front. Unfortunately no time to make little pictures. I was going to have a post about 666 (e.g. all the times I've seen it pop up in the game) but I'll get to that in a subsequent post.

Wish you all happy adventuring while I'm gone.


Guankim said...

Congrats on all the stuff, just look as a vacation :) Ugly number, glad it didn't really make the pictures post, LOL xD

JOWAH said...

Now everyone leveling COR after the lolUpdate >_<
It's an AWESOME job, unfortunately is very expensive, lolbullets ._.!!!

Kun-Lin said...
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Anonymous said...

Zomg Hilo? I was gonna say I'm gonna be at Oahu tomorrow ;;


Ciermel said...

amagad, Hawaii you said?! *drools*

...I'm so jealous xD