Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pimp Hat Go!

Red Mage

Did you know RDM was my first ever job in FFXI? I leveled it to level 7. Then for some reason thought that THF would be better. Hah! Got that to level 3. Then I started on my journey on WHM. Those first 10 levels or so were very painful. I remember using a staff (yes I didn't know better) and being PL'd by Lanoire on her WHM. It was then playing catch up to Lanoire and then Sumiko's WHM.

I don't quite remember how I got RDM to 37, but somewhere along the way I hooked up with Guankim and Kenshinshiro. We started a semi-static that leveled very slowly. Basically whenever we found time. It was RDM, THF (Ken), and BRD (Guan). However our work schedules became so diverse that we hardly ever saw each other online. It's been a year since I've had my RDM AF in storage. So as you can tell I decided to branch out on my own.

It had been a nice circle to have all the mages (at the time) to 75, WHM, BLM, and RDM. Now there's BLU but I don't have the urge to play it. I've had some frustrations with RDM lately, idiotic parties, diconnects, you name it. I've been called on to main heal by myself and haste 5 other people as well as refresh a PLD and a DRK. Sometimes it gets too much.

My last party went pretty well. We had a NIN, MNK, THF, BRD, RDM, and SAM. One of them was dualboxing a RDM named FantasyApple (I think). However, that character would occasionally toss out a cure and haste (I think it was the MNK who was dualboxing). So it wasn't a true PLer. Thank gosh, cause I can't really stand those. However, we were lucky they were there. The BRD, for some reason, was tickled pink when he linked 5 spiders together. Needless to say, my MP doesn't stretch that far especially since I didn't have sleepga and could only target sleep mobs. He did use Horde Lullaby. But sickle slashes are nasty. We did get a chain #7 in there.

Then the BRD kind of stopped moving. He'd sometimes sing songs, sometimes just stay stationary. I sent him a tell asking him if he's going AFK, but instead he says he's falling asleep. Eventually he just stops moving. Ugh. The party was going to disband, but luckily they said they'd stay for my level. So now I FINALLY can wear that PIMP HAT. RDM 60!

In other news I've been assigned to be the attendance person for RuinousOmen, my Limbus LS. We defeated Temenos W. And thankfully time chests dropped there. I hate that one when no time chests drop. I was 2 coins short of my loquacious earring, so Eckardt was kind enough to lend them to me. In the end I decided on the Loquacious instead of the Brutal because I felt that I would just use the Loquacious more. The Brutal would be for having fun on WHM, since I really don't have any REAL Melee jobs.


Enedin said...

Damn J00 for not taking RDM up to 75 first! But congrats nonetheless :p That hat has a life of its own...

Faulsey said...

Nice work on the Pimp Hat-age!


Yeah, RDM was my first job too. It's just too awesome not to try out.

Interestingly, THF was my second job too!

However, I did things differently to you.

Got RDM to 18 for subjob, then started on THF with RDM as a subjob... Yeah, i found out it sucked VERY soon.