Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pretty in Black


Today was Valour's first Dynamis-Beaucedine run (the LoHDynamis Shell merged together with Valour the newly named LoHHNM shell). We had about 20 odd people show up which is not bad since we have to work on getting access for the rest of the members (hello city runs again).

We had about 3 BLMs, 2 RDMs, 1 WHM, 2 BRDs, 1 SMN, and a decent amount of melees (which is better than the 13 WHMs we sometimes field in city runs). It was actually a relaxed and fun run although Landar (MNK) and Snajper (BLM) did die quite a bit. Not sure who won, but my gil would be on Landar.

Again, I prayed and hoped for my WHM body (the only body we had received in the last year of dynamis went to Acreana when Dragoces and I couldn't make one run). I'm 3/5 on WHM AFv2 (Kavita outlotted me on the gloves when they dropped in Xarc). Been wanting this relic body since I first started playing WHM, my first job. However, it was not to be. Instead I got to lot on this:

So I got my BLM body before my WHM body, so sad. When you compare this to the NQ Igqira Weskit (which I have) you sacrifice +6 MAB and +2 Conserve MP to get -2 enm, Refresh, and some MP. I think I have to rework my macros now to switch over to JSE in the middle of casting so I can keep the refresh bonus as long as possible. Of course I lose out on the -enm bonus. Maybe I'll use the coat more when I'm soloing or during hard NMs where I want every little bit of -enm I can get and I can sacrifice some damage potential and conserve MP potential for refresh. Not sure.

Red Mage

Since I don't get to see Guankim much anymore, I decided to try and level RDM on my own. Got into a party last night with Belanus and his cronies. I remember partying with them in Garlaige Citadel a long time ago on my BRD I think. At that time his friend Lep (something) was our tank and dc'd when his mother pulled out his xbox. Then the party had broken up because Belanus didn't want to party without his friend. I should have thought of that this time.

So we start off in the woodlands fighting pink birdies at level 53-54. At first he told me we had a WHM so I was estatic. When I joined it turned out he had a 51 BRD and I'd be main healing again. I couldn't land enfeebles with any great accuracy even with my HQ staves and Glamor Jupon. It was so depressing. Then all of a sudden, the WAR (Lep) starts to DC. Belanus (NIN) stops moving (no red dot yet) and the BLM Dcs. While I was frantically trying to cure the NIN I pull hate and end up dying. The RNG kills the bird with EES. Then I see the red dot appear as I'm laying dead. I was getting annoyed. THey come back on and he goes lol, playing at the same house.

So we continue on and then on the 3rd fight after that guess what? All 3 Dc again. This time the BRD and I eat it. The RNG manages to get onto a chocobo and lose hate. The 3 never back on. I was so annoyed. Then I get a tell as I'm waiting for beseiged asking if I want to party. I had been afk reading a book and took like 2 minutes to get to my comp. I say sure, and then Thedarklord goes, sorry party full. That was very annoying too. *sigh* RDM may turn out to be the bane of my existence in this game. And to think I had wanted it leveled up before BLM.


Eckardt said...

Grats on BLM AFv2 Body. One day I'll get those... but I won't hold my breath since I'll die from oxygen deprevation.

And RDM is kinda torture in the new areas, until you stop fighting birdies (Lesser AND regular Colibris). Those birds make a RDM feel quite useless, and sometimes you kind of want to main heal, but can't since you either pull too much hate, or run out of MP way too fast... I mean refresh and convert only go so far. Just gotta grit your teeth and hope for the best.

Faulsey said...

Congratulations on the sorcerer's coat!

What is this, AF2 body week?

JOWAH said...

BLM Af2 is sooooo adorable. But I agree that regarding usefulness WHM is waaaay better.

On BLM (not mine lo) I only put coat on while running (not running from mob duh) and don't have full hp.
Otherwise I keep always Iqgira body on :< (Jowah's a newbie BLM but knows the job good already >:D)

Alshandra said...

Congrats on BLM AF2! That's next on my List of AF2. Mmmm....

The WHM body is really good, you saw me writing about it last week. I've put it to the test and to all those people that said Noble's Tunic was better: No. It's not better, but you'll macro the Tunic in for cures. The extra MP isn't a big deal, but the -2Enmity is golden. And it also has refresh. And I use Regen III a LOT more now that I have that.

Goodluck getting it!! Keep at it, it took me about... eight or nine months from when i started dyanamis with a brand new LS on their first run. We did have one drop about 2months ago, but that was the one afternooon I got called into work for someone... Irony {Do you need it?}

Goodluck! It's worth it if you can get it!

Moe said...

Good job man!

wyred said...

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