Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Atop the Highest Mountain

Today I helped out on Limit Break 2. Saw a random shout in Jeuno for "LB2 need a WHM". So I left the airship dock to San d'Oria and migrated out toward Port Jeuno to give whatever assistance I could. I remember my own limit break 2. I waited for a while (stalled at level 55) because at the time the members in my LS were in their 60s at the highest (with a very few 75 members). One night Zaria drummed up enough LS support that took me on my run. Since then I have helped to get my friends LB2 (duoed two NM with Zaria) and also helped a random BRD get his LB2 (again duoing with a RDM/NIN). So I figured, what the heck, should be relatively fast/easy.

First of all it was an alliance that went. Seems like we had about 5 level 55s that needed it. So I changed my HP to Jeuno and ported them all. Then it got kind of confusing. There wasn't a definite leader so people were aimlessly wandering. PLus a couple of them were melees and didn't have access to invis/sneak and apparently no oils/powders. So we ended up fighting our way through a lot of aggro (eventually I fugred out they weren't using stuff and convinced people to sneak/invis them). People jumped into the fight without waiting for the mages MP or for me to buff them (had to protect everyone in the alliance). All in all it took about 1.5 hours, we killed lots of things. I came out with 4 dark clusters (which is a bonus given that dark crystals are going for more than they used to now, and I need them for leathercrafting). No deaths.

But what was exciting was how greatful they all were to have LB2 finished and done with. I remember thinking at that time, one step closer to that elusive 75! And it made all of the faux paus seem minor. I gotta respond to more random shouts for help (but I'm rarely in Jeuno nowadays).

Been spending a lot of time perusing through the ffxi-garuda forums with great delight. Had a PM chat with Kupotaru and had a few tells from her and Rhealana in game. Their LS sounds really nice as well and they both seem to be pretty cool people. Plus I got excited that I have comments on this blog, from both Kupotaru and Tuufless.


Been working diligently on my cooking skill. I HQ'd 4/9 of my GP item today, salmon subs. At about 11K GP right now. Probably should get raw fish handling as soon as possible.

Wist went from 60 to 60.3 today. Leveled on Melon Pie (cap 64, bird egg version) crafting on Watersday. Ran out of ingredients to take it to cap. Sells for about 2k a stack and NPCs for about 1.4K a stack. Most likely will NPC them for a tiny loss. Debating where to go from here. I really don not want to do colored eggs. I think I will go for San d'Orian tea (cap 70), but maybe not to the cap. It seems to sell as a relatively good pace (although not as freakishly fast as Yagudo drinks can go for) and a not bad price for the ingredients needed (sage and fire crystal the most expensive). Then I think I'll move to pear au lait. Haven't looked further than that.

Leveled from 54.3 to 60.0 yesterday on Yagudo drinks. Just finished selling all of what I made on the Jeuno and Windy AHs for about 3K each. I grossed about 200K, so probably netted around 100K or so (have to figure in the cost of ingredients).

GP items kinda sucked today as well. Elm staff for Woodworking (but about 7-8g/GP). Clothcrafting was Heko Obi today (which requires cotton cloth x 2 and I didn' t have the time to synth my own). Leather was Vagabond's boots. I didn't turn any of the three. I turned in Deodorizor that I had made previously for Alchemy. 15K to go for my Caddeusus.

So things to do:

  1. Get a picture of Rhealana, Kupotaru, and Valark (to see if I can)
  2. Continue on my crafting spree. Also have to think about leveling my other crafts up again.
  3. Respond to more random shouts
  4. Get better pictures of my tarutaru
  5. Find my model viewer for FFXI that people talk about (all the links I follow are dead) so I can learn to make nifty avatars
  6. Find Kietsu to get him some armor
  7. Start leveling a job again, otherwise crafting may just drive me batty


Kupotaru said...

LB2 in 1.5 hours isn't so bad especially with no deaths and clueless people! I remember we tried to form an alliance and we had people shouting for help, I went the {Excuse me} in tells route and manage to nab some 75s because I asked nicely ;)

I don't know why you would want a picture of Kupo, considering I think we have the same character model except your hair color is the lighter brown ;) Although I take pictures of people too, the ones who are wearing cool hats.

Rhea just needs to talk to Munei, she's the co-leader of TL. I'm sure she'd like you though, she's been trying to find some higher level people that are friendly and helpful.

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