Monday, July 10, 2006

Times Change

My first day back playing FFXI for over a week. It was fun to play again.

Got my cooking mule, Wist, from Cooking level 54.3 to 60.0 on Yagudo Drinks. Had to make a ton and am still trying to sell them all off on the AH. Started farming lizard eggs for colored eggs (level 66 cap) since Elshimo Uplands are under beastmen control this week and I can't find cinnamon to make pies elsewhere. And I saved all that pie dough. Made a few colored eggs and got 0.3 skill up points. NPC'd the whole 12 I made for a paltry sum, 109 gil per egg, my first loss synth since the early juices (OJ and apple juice) from 0-20.

Left my first linkshell Graveyardshift. It was comprised mainly of people that lieve in HI so I was kind of sad to leave it. My friends in RL are in that LS. I had to leave because I just didn't feel apart of that LS anymore from an incident a few weeks back. I had received an invitation to XCircleXOfXShadows from Glued on the forum site. In the LS was a tarutaru known as Blue Mages. It was a nice surprise. He was the BLM that took my clueless pick up party through Mission 5-2 and helped us beat the shadowlord. None of us in that party knew where we were going (I hadn't even planned on getting my rank 5 missions done at that point, but someone in my LS had told me to come along). I enjoyed my brief time in the XCircleXOfXShadows LS so far :-)

On an odder note. I was running through Whitegate this evening to send something through the mail. Ecki did an emote as I was passing by: Ecki steals you. Then he sent me a private tell: ; ; I replied ?? He said he was trying to steal me. I said for what? And he responded {Tarutaru} {Pet}. I had a good laugh as well as looking at him oddly. I have no idea with Ecki is a male or female character, dunno even which race (totally forgot to /sea all him/her/it).

So all in all, today was a good day. Except for GP items, they just plain suck.

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Kupotaru said...

Welcome to the Garuda Forums :) Nice to see new faces! I read your blog below about seeing Rhealana, that's too funny. We remember the days when we were in Jeuno at like level 30 and we used to oogle at people in full AF gear and just be like "wow.. they're so awesome"