Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Craftaruing! (Is That a Word?)

In Game Antics

Didn't do to much in game today. Found Kietsu and gave him the Centurian armor and Centurian sword as promised. He seemed to enjoy it. Poor guy is also looking for his Invisible spell and Escape spell. Now I've sold a few escape spells, and it's about 10K asking price on AH. Invisible I haven't sold before. A friend of mine helped me get it from a drop off Goblin Leechers. When I looked at the AH it was around 15K to 40K for the spell. Damn I should have been farming invisible spells this whole time. So I told him I'd be on the look out for the spell.

Helped Glued get his Teleport-Vahzl crystal. It was relatively uneventful except that I always forget where that stupid crystal is. I have it marked on my map, but it doesn't transfer to the XBOX 360 so I had to look it up on the Atlas. Needless to say I bookmarked it right then and there. The LS I'm in now (Glued is a member) is relatively laid back, but it ranges a wide level of player base. One of the people was partying as a 30 RDM/06 BLM and didn't see anything wrong with that. He wanted the summoner job. Now he's going out as a 30 RDM/05 SMN o.O. My friend Valynne told me she saw him in Jeuno shouting 20K for guisebait grass (for the choco quest) and that he also has an airship pass as a rank 1 (she saw him listed on an airship). Not quite sure what to make of it. As it is, I was mainly shuttling between all my mules (and only Verrick has a pearl) so I wasn't on the LS much. One of my mules has rank 1 and an airship pass (proceeds from crafting) but I don't think it's his mule. Only time will tell I suppose. Disconcerting to say the least.


So I spent the rest of the day posting on ffxi-garuda.com and crafting. The GP items today didn't suck that badly so I actually turned them all in.

Alchemy (Brin in Bastok): Craftsman (61.x), Cooking (10), Goldsmithing (32.x), Smithing (17.x)
GP Item: Silence Baghnakhs (HQ 1/6, NQ 5/6) Turned in 5 (sold the +1)
GP Total: 62,691 (no items)

Cooking (Wist in Windurst): Craftsman (63.8), Fishing (4)
GP Item: Roast Mutton (HQ 2/13, NQ 11/13) Turned in 13
GP Total: 13,960 (no items) thinking of raw fish handling first?

Clothcraft (Whit in Windurst): Journeyman (50.x), Fishing (12.x), Leathercraft (30.x)
GP Item: Soil Kyahns (HQ 1/4, NQ 3/4) Turned in 4
GP Total: 15,354
GP Items: Magnifying Spectacles

Leathercraft (Sarn in San d'Oria): Amateur (35.x), Clothcraft (5.x)
GP Item: Solea (bought them in Selbina and sold a stack of sheep leather to cover cost) Turned in 17
GP Total: 24,426 (no items)

Woodworking (Verrick from Bastok): Apprentice (49.0) ,Alchemy (28.0), Bonecraft (4.0)
Clothcraft (8.x), Cooking (60.0), Fishing (18.x), Goldsmithing (4.x), Leathercraft (4.0), Smithing (4.x)
GP Item: Crossbow (bought them in Bastok) Turned in 8
GP Total: 16,396
GP Items: Lumberjack

I skilled up a bit on Sand'Orian Tea on cooking but only made it from 63.4 to 63.8 on Firesday with advanced support with 2 stacks of ingredients. Then I ran out of space. I'm seriously thinking of raising Wist's fame to get all the gobbiebags done for all these unstackable items. I think she has level 7 fame in Windy, but nothing in the other two cities.

I find it hard to turn in Verrick's GP items (partly because I hate the woodwork GP items usually) and that he's not in that city to begin with. It takes effort to get to Jeuno and ride that airship.

Oh well, I think I had enough FFXI for the day so far. I think I'll play with the FFXI Model Viewer that I asked Kupotaru about and she graciously asked Rhealana to find the link and post it up. It looks like fun. Now I just have to figure it out and how to port the images into Photoshop. And then I have to figure Photoshop out.

Yes, I know I'm addicted to crafting. I want to level BST (16) up as well as BLM (42) and RDM (23). And I should finish THF (32) up to full sub. I need to get a Moldative Earring for BLM (and I hate camping NM) so who knows when I'll level. Plus all the HQ staves, only have Apollo's and Terra's for now. So many things to do. I give all of you guys who have been playing for longer than I have credit for not going insane.

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