Thursday, July 13, 2006

Signature Maker

I've been spending a lot of time at much to the detriment of actually playing the game. But it's a fun forum, the people are nice and helpful. And there are new fathers on the way. Rhealana (from Garuda) had posted a path to get to the FFXI model viewer, which essentially allows you to look at all the character models from the game and take screenshots. Since I wanted to update the header of this page I had gone on a picture taking quest (not the new ToAU one) for screenshot goodies. I liked Lufaise Meadows, and yes I know you can't ride a chocobo there. So I decided to fool around with the model viewer and make an avatar and a signature for myself using those tools and my meager photoshoping abilities.

People then started asking me where I got my sig. And so I made some more last night. This new toy is way too much fun!


I managed to get Wist from level 63.4 (where we left her after she had done some melon pies) to level 69 (no jokes here please) on colored eggs and San d'Orian Tea. Now she needs to make some raisin bread and she'll be all set for the higher ranks. I still need to get my GP items. I'm so far behind because I've been mindlessly leveling cooking the past few weeks and most cooking items only give you 2K of points a day. So sad.

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Jimmy Jarred said...

I think its a great idea.I wish I could also create my signature too like you did. I will look for some tool online that is freely available.
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