Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So yesterday's GP items were:

Woodworking (Apprentice): Oak shield (bought for 15K each)
Clothcrafting (Journeyman): Soil Hachimaki (actually made linen thread from flax flowers --> linen cloth --> soil Hachimaki
Leathercrafting (Novice): Studded Vest (got my friend Malumake to make me the iron chains)
Alchemy (Craftsman): Antidote (easiest one by far to synth)
Cooking (Aritsan): Roast Trout (bought the suckers)

So my running total on GP is:

Verrick (WW): 27,596 GP | Key items: Lumberjack
Whit (Cloth): 26,283 GP | Key items: Magnifying spectacles
Wist (Cook): 27,232 GP | Key items: None (debating raw fish handling or noodle kneading first)
Brin (Alch): 4,150 GP | Key items: Caduceus
Sarn (Leather): 34,996 GP | Key items: none (he might be the first to get his 48 item on time).

I was asked to synth fishing gear (except for the hands) by a random person in Windurst (when I was making my soil hachimakis). He gathered all the ingredients and I plunked down gil for advanced support (I fgure increase my chances). So he got a NQ tunic and NQ boots, but I managed to get a HQ hose. So his friend gets an Angeler's hose (not signed by me, because I need every last bit of GP I can get!). On a more annoying note, I was making my linen threads from flax flowers and someone asked in a tell, Can I bum 2 linen threads off of you? I responded Bum? And he said NVM. For crying out loud he can synth his own. Or at least compensate me :-) (he wa smaking soil hachimakis too so he's capable).

I'm hoping to reach the 30K mark in GP for cooking. Not sure which key item to get first. One of my friends Malumake suggested noodle kneading. He says he likes the pasta. I always though I should get rawfish handling first to be able to make my own sushi. But maybe I should do that noodle kneading thing. Malumake has helped me out so much, I'd like to help him out. Although the ingredients for pasta are not always very cheap!

Other news

I've been having an enjoyable time reading .taritai . tales of a taru. The writing style is conversational and interesting. And it's is an enjoyable read. Let's cheer on this tarutaru! (plus I'm hoping to convert her to WHM).

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