Monday, July 17, 2006


I am amazed at how people play FFXI. Granted I'm not the best quest completer in the game, but a new attitude seems to be rampant in the newer players. One of the LS I belong to has a whole crop of newer players. Some of them have underleveled subs (as I mentioned in previous posts) and are in a rush to reach level 30 so they can get "advanced jobs". A DRK I was helping out was level 56 and didn't have the Drain scroll done yet. He had not even heard of the mog house exits. I was shocked. One player said, I hate doing quests I just want to kill stuff. So I'm pretty sure there will be a race to 30 then a race to 75. Granted I focused on leveling for a long time, to get my WHM up. But I had all my spells (except for Erase which took me a bit to get the gil for) at the level. I usually carried the scrolls for my next levels in case I could use them. When I was leveling RNG in Korrokola Tunnel, the WHM (who was level 15) did not have Silence (which I found out to my dismay) as he was waiting on things to sell at the AH before he bought it. I almost left the party right then and there to go buy the darn thing for him. Am I just plain nuts for expecting certain things?

So to my adventures in the game. Yesterday I had logged on with intentions of doing GP items and then farming water clusters and honey. Yes, I know, I could be more efficient farming up more expensive things and buy the clusters and honey. But I'm a strange little taru who likes to farm his ingredients. While checking my mule in Jeuno, I see a shout from Lorddocster for a teleport vahzl for 15K. It just kills me to see people having to pay those prices (esp since I know Lorddocster from So I change to Verrick and get myself to Jeuno (was in Whitegate). Turns out they were going to kill Darkspark, so I tagged along and got my Bard AF hands!

Then I went farming. But my TH was broken yet again and not a single pot of honey fell (and I could not steal one to save my life in Tahronghi Canyon). So I was happily killing elementals in Pashhow Marshlands (sp?) when I see in the LS chat that the DRK is thinking of buying Drain. So I give him a beastman blood, show him where to check his fame, describe the quest to him and tell him to go quest it. Got a little frustrated by that so I logged and took a nap. When I came back on I saw "Anyone have Raise III"? from the same DRK (who is the LS leader). So I ask why. In a gist there was a group of people that wiped in Davoi and needed R3 and said they'd help him get a coffer key if he could get a Raise III. So I pick up the DRK and head to Davoi.

I get tells from the group that they only have 16 minutes before they HP. *sweat* So I find them, dead in an encampment full of orcs. Luckily we arrived in time and I was able to R3 the whole lot of them. I actually met Darklordoftoast (the poor mnk had wiped) from Allakazham. So I raised their 75 RDM first and after he was unweakened, he held off the orcs while I raised everyone else. Turned out they wiped to the NM for the PLD AF quests when they ran out of healing power. So they asked me to stay and I said ok. Took us a while to get our first key. Then one of the DRKs lotted and got the coffer we passed on the way in the Monastic Cavern. Luckily another key dropped and the DRK I came with lotted on it. I automatically passed. Then we kind of stood around while people decided what they wanted to do. Most asked for a tele so I obliged. After I escaped us through the tunnel to Bastok, I see my DRK sending me a tell saying, I can't find my f*'in key. And I was OMG, my fault. I didn't check to see if the key had dropped before I tele'd (I just automatically assume people pass immediately). He was kind of pissed off for the rest of the evening.

I turned in my GP items for clothcraft, leathercrat, and cooking. Then I was tired so I went to sleep.

Here's what I did yesterday morning before I logged on. I created a wallpaper of FFXI with me and my RL friends from the game. I love this model viewer.

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