Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Long Day of Leveling

So I was stuck sick at home. I hate being sick. So what do I do, I log into FFXI, fully intending on crafting my GP items for the day and maybe trying to make some progress in Alchemy or Cooking. So I pop on and equip the LS pearl of LordsofHydra (yes the majority of their LS came from the XBOX live). Now there is a crazy person named Lorddocster who is the leader. Hehe. I leveled my WAR with him from 13 to 16 with his NIN. Then yesterday I dragged out my poor RDM and leveled from 23-26 with his NIN. So yesterday he offered me a spot in his party for my RDM. I can't refuse a LS mate, so I pull out my gear and go a leveling.

We were in the jungle at the time. Now he brought along a powerleveler since I think he really wants NIN to be done so he can sub it for his 75 RDM (yeah he levels like a machine). Now the party seems really good except for one glaring problem, the WHM. Yes, I'm a career WHM so I tend to notice the WHM off the bat. He was a "legendary" dragoon at level 75 he claimed. But he had no concept of how to use Regen. He relied totally on the PL. That made me sad. Then when it was time to move to the other jungle we pick up a NIN/WAR who apparently is well known as well. He brings along his wife who is a RDM and we could only find a WAR/MNK as a DD. The unfortunate thing was the WAR was 27 and his sub was 09 MNK. Yes, yet another underleveled sub. Sometimes I wonder if people care anymore.

So we move to the second jungle. Still the WHM has no clue. The RDM is skilling up with a STAFF? I said STAFF? And she said, my sword is capped. But RDM has no native staff skill. She wasn't going to get any skillups anyways. And the delay time on a staff is so much longer and can't en-spell it. *sigh* And she could not magic burst to save her life. When there is a PL I want the party to act normal and the PL may be there to offer assistance (e.g. let the freakin' WHM and tanks do their jobs). But the NIN refused to provoke saying the PL was the tank. Lorddocster, bless his heart, provoked. People don't understand that it's hard having the PL be the tank, as the mob keeps moving and running all over with no clear hate line. The MNK was relaly good though. The WAR was using a great sword and kind of did not have a clue.

So we level to I think 28 and decide that they want to go to Altep. Now I think we should stay in the jungles till 30 cause beetles are a little tough at 28. But I get overruled. Meh. So we regroup in Jeuno in an hour (giving me time to get more stuff for juice making and to upgrade my armor). And off we go to Altep.

Now of course we struggle with beetles. The NIN is still an idiot. The poor PL is hleping the darn WHM out. *sigh* But we manage with the PL. But eventually Lorddocster and the PL have to leave (since it was freakin' late in England that crazy Lorddocster). And the party kind of breaks up after that. Leaving me with a MNK, WAR, NIN, and MNK. We gather some new allies a WHM (still had the crazy NIN). After a while the NIN and one of the MNKs had to leave. So this left me with MNK, WAR, and me.

Now the MNK (Sidewinder) and the WAR (Fightinghard or something like that) were really nice and good. We collected a THF, WHM, and PLD. The WHM named Highper was excellent (using regen, resting whenever he could) so that I didn't have to cure as much. The NIN actually turned out to be a not bad tank. The PLD on the other hand was a complete idiot. He had no clue on how to set up for SATA which I can forgive if he's new, but after multiple explanations he still couldn't do it. He would rest forever and not get up until the middle of the fight while the poor WAR was getting hit and hit. He never used his MP to cure anyone (as I asked him to so he could regain hate). I gave him juices which he never used. He was not using any food to boost defense. The THF was excellent (name: Calypsiana) and we were having a good time chatting. Unfortunately the WHM disconnected after a few fights, poor guy was having connection issues. SO we get a WHM named Doof to replace him. And Doof is just as good using juices and cookies. So I figure woohoo! good party (except for the PLD).

The PLD was getting more and more annoying. And I was chatting with a friend in private tells. When I accidentally and really accidentally typed in the party chat This PLD is an idiot! OMG egg on my face. But the THF was annoyed too and backed me up. She tried to find a replacement but couldn't find one. So she continued to pull. I offerred to kick myself and find a replacement as I opened a can of worms but Sidewinder asked me to stay. Now we eventually get a BLM (Gottlieb) replacement for the WAR and life is going ok. Then the MNK has to leave and brings a DRK in to replace him. The DRKs name is Elteriak. And he offers to bring stuff from the AH. Unfortunately we had miscommunication and he didn't get the fish mithkabobs I asked for the tank. So I had a friend of my bring steamed crab and also a mercenary doublet for the MNK (he wanted a soil gi as he only had 20K, but I felt he was a bright spot in the party so I shelled out the other 20K for his doublet).

Eventually the WHM had to leave. The THF was going to leave too because she was kind of high for our party and decreasing the EXP. Then the PLD just announces he has to leave and logs. Without giving warning or finding a replacement. Now we had a THF on the way named Skylee and a WHM coming to replace Doof (who happened to be Highper). And no tank. Absolutely no tanks. All the 31-33 NIN, PLD, and WAR were taken. And we were feeling really bad for the THF who chocod all the way from San d'Oria because he couldn't get a Teleport Altep (yes he had the crystal after only playing for 3 weeks, and he did it himself, dying 4 times). And I felt bad for the WHM since I hated being invited and then having the pt disband on me. So I continue searching in vain. The party is really cool though we chat about everything.

So Skylee mentions he has a WAR at the same level and he could change to tank. The THF then said she'd stay if we didn't mind her being higher leveled than us, because she felt bad too. So I take Skylee to Rabao (he had never been there before) and we get him the map of the desert and I ask the pt if they can give me 10 minutes. So I warp to Jeuno and do some shopping. Skylee only had the lizard armor from level 17 (and I remember how hard it was to afford gear back then). And our BLM had never heard of seer's outfit until that day actually. So I buy the Centurion Armor and Sword for the WAR (with my conquest points) and by the BLM the whole NQ Seer's gear. I bring some Steamed Crab for the WAR tank and get back to the party. I actually really liked the BLM and the WAR and thought I'd help them out. They were pretty happy about it.

So the party ended up being one of the best and most fun I had. We were chatting about a whole ton of stuff about the game. Skylee was asking lots of questions about crafting, tanking, macros, and SATA. And guess what, explanation of SATA once and he did it! So the exp wasn't the fastest, yeah we were getting chain #4 and #5 but with about 40-120 per kill. But it was relaxing and fun. And I actually gained level 33 (go go phalanx). And then were were all so tired at the end we had to stop. But about half the party reached 35! So yes, I had leveled for a good 16 hours (from level 26 to 33) yesterday. But I added three new friends to my list. And Highper (WHM) and Doof (WHM) replaced my faith in WHMs. Calypsiana (THF), Elteriak (DRK), Highper (WHM), Skylee (WAR), Gottlieb (BLM), thank you for the wonderful party and the goodtime. And helped me remember that pick up parties can be fun!

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Go red mage! You had quite a day that day. Hope you're feeling better :)