Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Tried ENM "When Hell Freezes Over" with squallf and others last night. We wiped. Those snolls were hard. I need to start exping again, I'm getting close to deleveling on my WHM ; ;

When I was leveling my WAR in a party the other day with LS mates Zakks, Hyryu, and other members we were fighting worms in the tunnel. We were on the East Altepa side. Things were going well, we were getting Chain #3 and #4 (pretty good for a WHM level 15 without a sub to keep up with us). Then these level 50 BLMs came and started skilling up with their wands on our worms! We asked them to move and they said, "we're farming zinc ore!". Now you can get zinc ore from a whole ton of other places including mining and Zehrun. I think it's only common courtesy that you do not skill up/farm mobs that experience parties are trying to get. Then this level 20 RDM (rank 8) with 2 PLs came and started killing worms too. Her defense was "I'm farming copper ore!" Now I was really upset at this. Copper ore can be bought for 9-12 g at the guild or even 15g at any airship dock. What the hell are you "farming" copper ore for. That was just a stupid excuse. Needless to say, I wrote the offending person's names down. So if I ever get a raise request, tele request or help request from Lilwarrior, Whitekiba, or Kiwizoid it will be {Sorry, I'm busy now}, remember Korrokolo Tunnel when you took my mobs farming for copper ore?!?! I may be petty yes, but that really irritated me!

On a happier note, for the past few days I have been searching for silica. Need it for a glass sheet to make my goldfish bowl from the summerbreeze festival. Valynne has been kind enough to excavate in the maze with me for silica. It took us two days for about 2-3 hours each time, but we finally got them! I better not break or I'm going to be very sad.

In an effort to get silica I tried to go to Purgonurgo Isle to fight the pugils there as someone had suggested that they drop them frequently. It didn't drop once. But I got some really beautiful screenshots.


Faulsey said...

Hmm. I'm planning on making a Goldfish bowl for me and a friend whilst I can get the materials during the festival.
Depending on prices, I may have to farm the silica for the glass. I just want to make and sign one for kicks XD

Paul said...

I always meant to visit the Isle. It's in that same category of zone as Carpenter's Landing. Very few quests bring people to them, and no one EXP's there, so I've had very little impetus to go. It's almost as if they intended them to be farming zones or something. I only went to the Landing a couple of times to farm elementals.

And on the farming stampede thing... uh, who the hell farms that stuff? They would have been better off farming slime oil and buying the ore. Idiots.

taritai said...

; ; You were in the right to write down those names, damnitaru. Not petty at all.

You know...I've only been to Puro...Purog...that island once! And it's been for a LS Brenner event. ^^ The pics look beautiful I want to visit!

o.o; Will anything eat me there?

Darrett said...

Maybe. I think the mobs are level 30s - 40s?