Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogs and Scenery

There have been a lot of new FFXI blogs that are popping up lately (including mine). I get surprises almost every other day. So here is a list of new blogs or blogs that I have lately taken to reading. One sad note, Tuufless' The Bloggaru is finished as Tuufless is leaving the game. Farewell Tuufless and thank you for all your hard work on Campsitaru.

  • Adventures in Vanadiel. Skylee was one of the players I met a few weeks ago during the marathon session as my RDM. It's been a great experience knowing Skylee and fund to chat with them. And Skylee has some really nice pictures posted.

  • Alcindor's adventure through FFXI in Gardua. Alcindor created a blog without even Lanoire knowing. He is a job leveling machine and a gil making machine. And always entertaining.

  • Through taru's eyes. Charirii's blog about Caitsith. They are the twin of Taritai. Charirii has some really nice screenshots as well and a very conversational style of writing. Enjoyable reads.

Valynne and I were going after some silica. After more research we decided to go to Misareaux Coast (since she got all of her promies done) to hunt the pugil mobs there. All I can say is this was way easier than excavating. We got 5 drops in less than 30 minutes (but I was too tired to continue). So we'll go back for more later. The Misareaux Coast has such beautiful scenery.

I took some pictures of some fountains in the starter cities. Not sure where the fountain in Windurst is.


Joey (Eckardt) said...

LOL, yeah even my blog is finally working. But it is nothing compared to everyone elses. I'm slowly gonna add screen shots, but since I mostly play on my Xbox 360 I can only take pictures that SE will let me. I have a hard time playing on the PC since I can't target that well and I get all confused with which button to push when. Damn controller spoiled me :)

Alcindor said...

I'm a job lvling machine and a gil making machine? Looks who talking... You have lots of jobs lvled and you have lots of gil... Give gil to the poor... Like Val, Lanoire, and me ...

Darrett said...

@Alcindor. LOL. Lan has you as her personal bank. I give Val crafting items for free and go farming with her. I get burnt out from leveling a lot. Notice my RDM hasn't leveled in a while.

@Eckardt. Saw the blog. Looks very nice in fact. I prefer the PC since I learned on it. I have trouble targetting on the XBOX 360.

Joey (Eckardt) said...

@darrett: Thanks. It's still needs some fixing. The banner at the top needs to be replaced with something else but I'm kinda too lazy to bring up photoshop to do it :D

BTW, I think I have it open to everyone to leave comments, not sure about posting as anonymous though. Feel free to try it :)

Guankim said...

I partly blame me leveling my RDM more (hit 67 w00t) for you not leveling your RDM as much ^^ I'll have to drag the bard back out again and get happy one of these days. But...isn't the static tonight? If Alci's off Fri/Sat, would that make the PT Thur/Fri night? Fun time to figure this out.