Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Look, look above. It's Taritai from Shiva masquerading as Oedara. She took a break from Shivan and came and visited me on Garuda. It was fun sitting there and chatting for a bit. For those who do not know her, Taritai has a FFXI blog named .taritai. tales a of a taru. Take a gander at it. Below I screenshotted some of her sage advice about getting tree cuttings to drop :-).

Gotta love the dreams about Beastmaster eh?

Since I did not write much about Dynamis yesterday I thought I'd post some pictures. Here is one of the opening scenes of Dynamis when I turned in the perpetual hourglass.

Below is a scene before we started. See how many people there are? It gets very confusing. Like I mentioned before our first puller pulled massive links on us so we had two wipes in the beginning. All that training of putting RR3 up at all times came in handy. I brought along marron glace and gelatto, but I think next time I'll try and make some wizard cookies as getting back MP is the most important in Dynamis. So many wipes, so many deaths. At least I only lost about 1K in exp. Some other people took a lot more death. I tried to sneak in some R3s but a lot of time it had to be R1 to get people up as fast as possible. So we did not get the win, but we did get one WHM AFv2. I might particpate more in dynamis if I can get my exp up on WHM for the inevitable experience loss. Or soon I might be 74 again...lol.

To end the post I found some glowing flowers in Windurst. Looks kind of nice doesn't it?


Taritai said...

Aiiie, now everyone knows the secret about tree cuttings!!

^^ It was very nice to talk to you too! I think I'll stop by again if nothing's going on in Shiva. @_@ I am tired of standing around waiting to see if people to form a party show up.

Dynamis looks like it's insane, yet fun at the same time! I can't wait to get there!

...That's if my I can level anything past 45 *grumbles*

Joey (Eckardt) said...

LOL... tell them they're pretty then beat the crap out of them... How nice :) "You're so pretty... lemme give you a matching black eye to go with it."

Skylee said...

thanks for your comments verrick, i replied to those on my blog,
need any sliced sardines for your fishing?

Faulsey said...

ooopht.... Dynamis. Two more levels till I can at least try it. For all it's worth, that might as well be forever away ; ; RNG is SUCH a gilsink. I pay like 300k per level.

I need to get some serious farming done. Like, y'know, get 5 or so Million before continuing XD

Jowah said...

I should make cross-servers char too, i can kill my useless mule and come xD
I would like to chat and idle with people like you or strawberrie xD!
Unfortunately, now that i've started to work again, I lack on time.