Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Die in mass woes!

I saw that posted somewhere. Dynamis = Die in Mass. Touche!

So we tried Dynamis-Jeuno again today. It actually went pretty smoothly until the boss. For some reason they tried to pop the trigger and this HUGE train of gobs (reminds you of the goblin trains of the good ol' MPK days in the jungle and the dunes) came out and slaughtered us all except for Dukenukem (a PLD taru who managed to hide from them). We came close to beating it. Not bad for only the 2nd run of the LS. Several pieces of AFv2 dropped, alas none for WHM. My karma is now 6, so I can lot on the next piece of WHM AFv2. Woohoo! Or BRD AFv2, but I think I should go for my WHM first don't you think? Got two piece of ancient currency. Was going to bazaar it for 35K a piece (as what someone suggested). Turns out the leader of my social LS has this insane goal of upgrading a relic weapon fully. So he wants to buy all of our currency. More power to him, I think he's insane.

Because of two deaths during Dynamis (taking an R1 once because my RR went down right before I died) and Vlacatocc's several deaths (I think 11) we decided to try and exp some of it back. We went to Uleregaaurd Range with a party of PLD, NIN, RDM, BLM, WHM, and DRK. Now I've climbed there about 2-3 times and never had a death to aggro personally. But these people were aggro trains! The truesight mobs and the sight mobs. So I die once with the PLD as we were battling 3 mobs together and he got mortal ray doomed. Then we had a wipe with the Mohler and company. I must have died 4 times tractoring and R3ing people. So at the end of the climb I had even less EXP (5K into level only). The NIN had disbanded (thinking fake DC) so we were five. We did manage to beat up some buffalo for some exp.

Then I helped Gouvant go after his Eldime Necropolis key (sp?). We went with a PLD (Yuleen) and a RDM (Siep), both Japanese. I was kind of leery knowing tha these mobs were EP to 75s and didn't want even more death. But I had forgotten how much fun it was to wail on Undead with a hammer. Even better the PLD and I completed a Light Skillchain with Hexa Strike and Savage Blade and I got to MB Banish III. Woohoo for 600-700 damage with MB (yeah, I know, others can do more than 1K damage, but I don't have "pimped" out WHM gear).

Hopefully we'll be able to beat Dynamis one day. Seems like the poeple in the shell work together pretty well. There doesn't seem to be hard feelings even when the crap hits the fan :-)


Alcindor said...

Yes, no one should take it so personally when you die. It's part of the game. It is inevitable. So don't just stand in the back when you are upset that you had just died. Sigh... It's the part of the game. Death will continue on forever.

Taritai said...

^^ Ooo, buffalo! Maybe I'll see them myself some day!

; ; Awz, sorry about no drops for youuu. Next time, definitely!

;D And I hope you use that WP sometime soon! I'll be waiting for ya!

; ; And dying is yucky. I know I'll have to do it eventually, but I think I've only died 10 times so far as WHM [my first trip through the dunes, a death in my static party, as well as intentional deaths]...and only 3 times as DRK., that looks kind of bad now that I've written it up.

^^; Ah well
...don't ask

Paul said...

You know despite all the dying... you make Dynamis sound kinda fun. I need to get my butt in a DynLS.

Joey (Eckardt) said...

I need to get into your LS sometime. Mine is helpful but no one wants to do the Dynamis, ZM or CoP stuff anymore. Not like I can go yet, but would be nice when I can lol.

Vlacatocc said...

Verrick's blog, Found it! :)

We WILL beat that Dynamis next time v, and your AF WILL drop (well, at least I hope so ^^).

Jowah said...

I've been looking forward that since i started the game.
I saw dyna while Michael's brother whas playing, and i was like OMG O_O
Hopefully I'll do my first dyna run this end of week ^-^

And sorry for your deaths ;_;

Darrett said...

Hehe. Dynamis is interesting. I might have to stop doing it if I don't exp on my WHM much. Can't keep deleveling back to less than 65 ^^. And I guess I should remember, we're only unconscious, not really dead. So I'm not really raising someone, just splashing them with cold water ^^

Katella said...

lol.. maybe they should call it revive instead of raise.. Love the visual of splashing someone with cold water though ^^

Can you picture a taru water balloon fight? lol.. ok now I'm way off subject .. sorry

Dynamis does sound fun. Maybe at somepoint, but I have a long way to go.. so maybe I'll just live vicariously (sp?) thru you for now..
Take care & good luck with your next one..