Friday, August 04, 2006

Clouds and Reys

I let myself be dragged out to exp again. Kael (from wanted to level his WHM as a sub for his BLM so he could manaburn his way to 75. So I pulled out my THF (which had stalled at 32 as I left a static). We had a jolly good time for a while, until Lionheartzero had to leave. He brought in his friend Cloudx (a BLM). Now this person states that he's a 63 RDM. So in all his smartness he casts Firaga on the beetles in the desert o.O. During one of our downtimes he wants to show us he can solo a spider. He tells our two WHM not to heal him. So he casts Sleep, then Bind, then Rasp! All of us tell him that he cast a DoT and he won't be able to sleep it. He again states he is a 63 RDM! So the spider merirrly whacks him when he can't sleep it and he's in the red. Poor Kael heals him. So he sleeps again and tries to bind it again. I go and start whacking on the thing to save him. And he says "the fu**ing THF woke it up!". Now the rest of us were getting kind of pissed at him. We kept telling him that he had cast a DoT spell. He would not admit he was wrong. Eventually the SAM killed the thing. Then he starts calling me names for breaking the bind (which I admit I didn't notice he had bound it, my first thought was to save his sorry ass). He continues to cast Firaga when asked not to and completely misses the MB consistently on Distortion. All the while claiming that 63 RDM and he knew better. SO eventually Kael kicked him from the party (after he was taunting our SAM that he would beat him in Ballista against his 75 MNK). Apparenlty he kept sending tells to the SAM and Kael until he was BListed.

What really irks me is that people think that their "high" levels mean they know everything. Heck, I have a 75 WHM but I know jack crap about being a THF. I can offer some pointers to the WHMs in my parties, but I begged for help with my SATA macro, ViperBite Macro and positioning. I know in theory how things work, but it's very different when you're actually playing the thing! Once we got rid of Cloudx we recruited rogerjr. Now he was a little nuke happy, but did tone it down a bit when we asked him/her. It was enjoyable after that. In the party we originally had a tarutaru WHM, a tarutaru THF, a tarutaru WAR, a Galka SAM, and Mithra WHM, and a BLU. Swapped out for Cloudx (for the BLU). Then the WAR and WHM had to leave, so we replaced with a Hume NIN and a tarutaru WHM. And eventually another tarutaru BLM. Hehe, so the Galka and Hume had a little tarutaru army following them around.

Eventually we move to Garlaige Citadel. Unfortunately Kael died on the way, but when he came back it was pretty good. I didn't have to worry much about MP due to two WHM. Eventually Moho (WHM) had to leave and we got Twigs (a WAR). Now poor Kael was the sole healer and we could only chain up to #3, but it still went well. Eventually people were tired and we disbanded (after we escaped from a nasty link).

So my friend Guankim (whose party had broken up at the same time) invited me to a new party with him (as BRD/RDM) and Iamweasel (as WAR/NIN). I volunteered to change to RDM and main heal. They recruited Coltran (WAR/NIN, and Iamweasel's "bro), Twigs from my other party, Chafarrra (BLU/NIN, but I partied with her a looong time ago in Quicksand caves, me as WHM and she as SMN), and me as RDM/WHM main heal. Twigs pulled and we did very well. Except for Coltran who went AFK randomly, did not provoke (so ended up with full HP after every fight even though they were supposed to be bouncing vokes between the three WAR/NINs). So Guankim eventually booted Coltran and received some nasty swears to him by Coltran. Iamweasel begged to have Coltran stay, but when offered the option of being replaced too if he didn't want to level without Coltran, he decided to stay. We ended up getting a PLD Bluejay who was very good! He used cover, he healed other people, my god he was a PLD. And exp was flowing. Unfortunately he dc'd after about an hour and half and never came back. (I had that happen to me the other night, I just could not log back on and went to sleep instead). So we fought bats with 5 of us and eventually Chafarra brought out her NPC.

Then Rerey, a person from my LS LordsofHydra, brought his party in and camped right in front of us. Now there were already two parties there, it would be hard to share the mobes. Kaname (from my other LS Graveyardshift) sent me a tell saying he thought Rerey was a RMT and he apologized for camping on top of us). Kaname left that party. So I asked Rerey in the LS chat not to camp on top of us. Multiple times without any answer. Now this was the same Rerey who was a 30 WAR/01 MNK because he wanted NIN. I refused to help him get his job. But you know he was on for like 36 hour straight leveling his NIN/WAR. I never got an answer out of him. Needless to say I was extremely annoyed.

I have run into my share of idiots lately. Sorry for the ranting post, but needed to get this off my chest. Happily as you can see from my profile, now i have a full RDM sub (although only 5 into level) and am getting close to a full THF sub.


Paul said...

Congratulations on getting that RDM sub capped ^_^

I really don't wanna go back and get NIN past that final level 36, precisely because of GC and the 'big fish in small pond' syndrome, where 'high-level' players consider themselves a paragon to the subjob they're currently playing and won't admit they're still learning. Makes for some heated parties...

Guankim said...

And it makes it worse when you try to help sometimes. Note: Myself trying to talk to Coltran. D**n you for making me always leader, Verrick!!!! lmao

Guankim said...

Funny, I am a 63 RDM too, but I don't cast Firaga on beetles in the desert >.> Beetles are weak to ICE, dammit, BLIZZAGA!!!! lmao j/k ^^