Saturday, August 05, 2006

Here fishie, fishie, fishie!

The above fish has been the bane of my existance. I keep missing it on the AH. I need it to skill up Wist's cooking on Tuna Sushi. I decided to fish it up once on the ferry and got my ass handed to me by the Sea Horror. So I was asking Jai's advice on fishing (he's 94.4 fishing I think). So he explained the whole !!! fishing concept for me (if you have a positive message following that then you have a mob, if you have a negative then you have a large fish). It finally made sense. Then he went fishing with me and gave me his tuna! All in all I received about 16 tunas. Time to skill up Wist!

1 comment:

Faulsey said...

And Wist will forever smell of fish.

Seriously. I can't move in windy waters for smell of fish. It's all that sushi getting processed in the guild.